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How to Create a Romantic Home Decor Set up?

How to Create a Romantic Home Decor Set up?

Whether you are a throwing a valentine’s day party or not, decking up your house for the day must be done. It is only normal to make your house have the lovey-dovey and romantic vibes that you are feeling. With these valentine’s day inspired decor ideas, you home would turn into cupids residence and would make your beloved and friends go aww.

Try a Champagne Tower

Set up a table with a champagne tower and let your friends help themselves with their glasses. It would also add to the beauty of the room.

Create a striking Centerpiece

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Put an effort in making a stunning centrepiece for your dining table. The tablescape can incorporate all things lovey-dovey like flowers of your choice, tea light candles in jars, and anything associated with love.

Decorate With Balloons

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Fill your house with balloons of all shades of reds, pinks and whites. You can either scatter them all around the room on the floor or just get the helium ones and cover your ceiling with them.

Big Heart made of Balloons

You can also make beautiful wall decor with different balloons taped and tied together to make one BIG heart on the wall.

Set Up Photo Booth Station

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In the age of photo’s and selfies, a photo booth is a must. Your friends would love it, and you would love to get zillions of pictures clicked in this corner of your house with your sweetheart. Stick loads of roses or any other flowers on a plain white wall tastefully and set the aesthetic right for your photo booth.

Heart Branch Tree

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For another mantel in your sitting room, get a few dried branches and paint them all white. Cut small red hearts and write love notes for your special someone and tie them to the branches.

Glittery Aromatic Candles

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Fill in your apartment with glittery aromatic candles to set a nice romantic mood. The aroma would definitely make the place like heaven on earth.

Strings of Origami Hearts

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Decorate the main hang-out area with strings of origami hearts or simple paper cut out of hearts. It will look super adorable and make it perfect for the celebration.

Flowers and Balloons

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One of the most classic and effortlessly beautiful ways to decorate your house for the V-day celebration is by filling it with all kinds of flowers and balloons. Get various colours of roses and flowers and heart and lips shaped balloons that will go well with the theme of the day.

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