How To Take Care Of Plants In Winter? Guide To Winter Care For Plants

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Winter Care For Plants

Winter can sometimes be unpredictable. One day there would be chilling temperature along with warm and enjoyable sunshine while the other day can experience no chill at all. But basically, winter season means some extra care. Dryness is very common during this time. Just like you are feeling a dryness on your skin and applying moisturizer to prevent dryness, plants also need some good care. You feel not to shower every morning because of the chilling cold weather outside and likewise, your plants also feel not to drink water that much. There are many more important tips and tricks which you should know to take care of plants in the winter season.

Here Is A Guide To Winter Care For Plants:

  1. Please do not over-water your plants. This is a major reason behind the death of plants. Summer is a thirsty month when water readily evaporates and that’s why the intake of water for each plant was different. But the same measurement of water cannot be provided to plants in the winter season. The topsoil generally remains dry so you need to dig your fingers at least 2 inches below the topsoil. If that layer has dried, then only go for watering or else skip it.
  2. You must buy a nice planter that has drainage holes. These drainage holes help to channel out the excess water which otherwise rots the roots.
  3. Most of the plants are sensitive to temperature variations and thus you must remove your plants from all sorts of vents, drafty windows, or heaters or induction ovens. Always remember that too cold and too warm temperature is not at all good for plants to enjoy their stay. Keep the plants on a side table near the window.
  4. The ideal temperature of a conducive plant growth varies from one plant to another. But most of the plants remain in good condition in temperature between 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.
  5. Most of the houseplants would require 40-50% of air humidity. But during the winter season, as windows and doors are mostly closed, the moisture level inside your home would be lower. So, you can buy a humidifier which would keep your plants and you both well.
  6. You must also buy a mister bottle to sprinkle water on plant leaves in case some of them turn extremely dry or crunchy.
  7. Another important trick to grow your plants well during the winter season is to give them a spin. So, every time you water them, give them a quarter turn. In that way, all the sides get a chance to meet the sun rays. So, that ways, there would be no uneven growth.
  8. You also have to give a nice bath to your plants. Suppose the leaves of your houseplants have turned dusty, then simply clean them with a wet or damp cloth, cotton, or sponge. While doing that, hold the back of the leaf with your other hand so that the leaf is not broken.
  9. During the winter season, the plants grow slowly. So, it would be good if you cut down on the use of fertilizers at this time. Wait till summers for that!
  10. Another important tip winter care for plants is that you must look out for pests and insects. They should not come near your green friend. Keep looking for pests especially if you have brought an outdoor plant inside your home just for the winter season. A spider may infect these plants and thus periodically give a nice wash to the leaves.

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