Gardening Hacks for the Summer Season

Gardening Hacks for the Summer Season

The summer is in full swing. That means our green friends need extra care from the harsh sunlight and rising mercury. If you love your garden and don’t want the plants to dry up or wither, then you need to act fast and smart. Here are some gardening hacks to ensure your garden stays happy and healthy all summer.

Plant Seasonally

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Cucumbers, brinjals, watermelons, tomatoes, capsicum, and ginger are ideal plants for the summer season. Given proper hydration and manure, these plants thrive in extremely hot conditions. 


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Mulching plants is a must during the summer month. It helps retain water and keep your plants hydrated by preventing evaporation from the soil. Mulching also helps to prevent weeds from sprouting. 

Water Deep & at The Right Hour

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It’s essential to water your plants infrequently but deeply during the summer. Watering deeply will keep your plants healthier, hydrated, and encourage them to grow stronger roots. Always water your plants in the early morning or late evening. It allows water to run down into the soil and reach the roots of the plant. The excess of water does not evaporate.

Smother the Weeds

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You can pour white vinegar over weeds to kill them. You can also create your own spray mix with salt, vinegar, and dish soap. Spray it on the weeds to kill them without affecting the rest of the plants in your garden. Put a piece of cardboard over the spots of your garden where the weeds are known to live, cover it with a thick layer of mulch and leave it. The cardboard will keep the weeds from growing up & insulate the ground to a temperature that kills the weed seeds. 

Prune & Pluck

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Mid-summer is the right time to get outside and prune the extra growth of your plants. Make sure your plants have enough space, and your garden is clutter-free. 

Use Natural Pest Control

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You can clear out the pests with a homemade insecticidal soap spray. Citrus peels and citrus essential oils act as great fertilizers and help get rid of a variety of pests. Most biting bugs tend to be repelled by the mint. 

Pick the Right Container

Invest in a container that retains moisture and helps the plant to survive droughts. Plants potted in colourful summer planters will enhance the overall look of your garden. Also, move them to the least partial shade and fill the bottom of the pot with sand. The sand will hold the moisture. 

Companion Plants

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Companion plants help each other grow and use garden space efficiently. Tall plants provide shade for shorter plants. Similarly, vines can cover the ground while tall plants grow skywards. For example, planting tomatoes and basil together is said to give tomatoes a better flavour. The smell of the basil will keep the flies away and act as pest control for tomatoes.

These summer gardening hacks will make your time spent in the garden easier and rewarding.

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