Birthday Ideas for Loved Ones Away from you in Other Countries

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When you love someone who lives across the border, it gets really difficult. You do not get to spend a lot of time together, it’s only when they visit you or you visit them. Of course, you are there for major events like weddings, but you miss out on their special days- Birthday!

If they live in a different country, you can’t be present with them every year but you can definitely celebrate it with them by sending gifts abroad at their places as your small token of love. Here are some birthday ideas for your loved ones who live across the border:

Birthday Cake

We live in a digital age, and sending cakes to someone has become as easy as it could be. Whether you want birthday cake delivery in the UK, Singapore, Australia, or anywhere around the world, you can avail it online. When it does get delivered, you could video call them and sing Happy Birthday while they cut the cake sent by you.

Make a Video for Them

Make a surprise video for them, with everyone they know singing happy birthday for them, followed by a personalised wishing message. It would definitely make them happy. It will convey that distance does not let relationships fade away.

Personalised Birthday Gifts

Gifts make everyone happy. So, send a gift to your loved one’s personalised gifts. There are so many options to choose from like personalised cushions, mugs, photo frames, and so much more. Choose your favourite memory with them to gift.

Treat Them with Lunch

Send them a gift card to their favourite restaurant. If you can’t be there, maybe their favourite food will fill in. If you don’t know their favourite restaurant, choose their favourite cuisine and browse through yelp reviews to find the best restaurant.

Show Care through Birthday Gifts

There is nothing such as ‘too many gifts.’ Send your loved ones a gift they will like. If they are a foodie, send them a basket of delicious treats. In case, they are always invested in their work, send them a spa hamper. If they love to be pampered, send them flowers. There are various gifts to choose from, you just need to put in a little thought.

Video Call

Thanks to technology, if not physically, you can be present with them virtually. Instead of just a phone call, make a video call them. Maybe have lunch with them or watch a movie over a video call. It would really make them happy.

Organize a Surprise Birthday Party

Although you can not be with them, you could plan a party for them over phone and emails. Approach one of their close friends on Facebook, who resides in the same country. Take their help and throw them a birthday party. Again, thanks to technology, you can get everything done over the phone.

Surprise Visit

No matter what you do, it can not be as special as your presence. Fly out and visit them, and make sure to keep this visit a surprise.

If not anything, you could just send flowers to them, reminding them of your love. Whether it is flower delivery in the UK, Australia, or Singapore, it can all be done online.

So, these are a few birthday celebration ideas for your loved ones who live in different countries. Let the world know that distance does not affect strong bonds.

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