8 Plants that you can keep in the Balcony


Healthy living doesn’t only mean eating right. You also have to think about the air you breathe. Of course, you cannot fix the outer world much but you can definitely fix your home. How? Just by bringing some green plants to your home you can be sure of a cleaner and healthier atmosphere.

The balcony is a great place in your home to place your green friends because usually, it is the place that receives a good amount of sunlight. So, check the best 8 plants suitable for balcony gardening below:

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

This is one of the best houseplants for its medicinal use. The gel extracted from aloe Vera plant is effective in curing burns, wounds, and any skin irritations. For detoxifying your body, you can prepare Aloe Vera juice also. Plus, it also removes formaldehyde and benzene from the air. 

PRO Tip: It thrives well when you keep it under direct sunlight. Water when the topsoil is dry and make sure the soil is sandy and well-drained.

Areca Palm


It is a boon to keep areca palm in your house. During the scorching summer days, this plant will help keep your home temperature cooler as it emits a large amount of water vapour. 

PRO Tip: Provide loamy soil, water daily, fertilize once a month except for winter season. Water generously and mist the leaves to keep insects and bugs away.



Mint will help in air purification and thus help people with lung or respiratory diseases. The mint leaves are used in a variety of dishes in the kitchen. It also has many beauty benefits. Do you know while blooming they attract a small wasp that kills some parasites at home?

PRO Tip: It loves morning sun and partial afternoon shade. So, change position accordingly and water it often as it loves remaining moist.

Indian Basil or Tulsi


It is one of the best air-purifying plants for your balcony. Tulsi cures many diseases apart from cleaning the atmosphere from carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, or sulfur dioxide. It will take care of your sore throat, cold, fever, respiratory diseases, and also great skin.

PRO Tip: Provide loamy fertile soil with good drainage & water when the soil is dry.



It cleans the air from VOC’s. The five-lobed leaf structure represents 5 elements of Nature and thus there will be a flow of luck in your life.

PRO Tip: Allow the soil to dry out before watering. Plus, mist the leaves every 15 days.

Snake Plant

snake plant

Apart from removing harmful toxins from the air it also releases ample amounts of oxygen even at night. That’s why it helps in the reduction of stress and anxiety.

PRO Tip: Choose a shady area in your balcony.

Spider Plant

Spider Plant

Safe for kids and pets, spider plants are a great addition to balconies. They will provide a toxin-free atmosphere and are good for people with respiratory problems.

PRO Tip: Fertilise twice a month in summer and spring. Re-pot every year.



It is one of the staple vegetables in Indian cuisine. The best thing is you can grow it easily on your balcony. Good sunshine and watering are what it needs.

PRO Tip: Mulch 5 weeks after transplanting to retain moisture and to control weeds.

So, which of these balcony plants are you bringing home?

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