Which Are the Best Indoor Plants for Home Décor?

In today’s highly polluted times, a touch of greenery at home is necessary. From curbing the unnecessary toxins from the air to keeping our stress checked, there are many utilities of indoor plants. Placing an indoor plant is a trending home décor idea adopted by many because of the innumerable advantages. Every kind of plant is capable of bringing freshness to your home. Some kind of plants enrich your stock of spices like coriander, rosemary, etc. Some other plants take care of your beauty like an Aloe Vera plant.

Take a look at these best 5 indoor plants that you can bring home and enrich your life. In turn, these plants would also contribute to your home décor.

Aloe Vera Plant:

Keep this succulent medicinal plant in a white ceramic pot. Fill the upper layer of the soil with colorful pebbles. This plant is very easy to maintain and therefore even when you have forgotten to water it for a day or two, you can still relax. Keep these aloe vera pots in a line along your window pane and enrich the beauty of your home. You can use the aloe vera gel to heal your sunburn and improve the quality of your skin and hair. It also acts as an air purifier. So, you can breathe a cleaner air in presence of aloe vera plant.

Aloe Vera Plant


Peace Lily Plant:

Peace lily plants are great for cleaning the air as this breaks down and neutralizes toxic gases like benzene, formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide. The charming lily flowers would highlight the look of your home. The prime advantage of this plant is that it requires a little sunlight and are very easy to grow. The glowing white lilies would give a lovely break to the monotony of the furniture in your drawing room. So, try to keep it in one corner of your drawing and if you have a large drawing space, place this plant at the center.

Peace Lily Plant


Money Plant:

There are certain synthetic chemicals that exude from cleaning solutions and furniture items and if you want to curb down those toxic chemicals, you must bring money plant at home. You may choose the places like TV set, WiFi router, or Personal Computer to keep a money plant and enhance the aesthetic value of your home. Placing a money plant in front of sharp corners or angles also reduces anxiety and stress. Apart from all these, money plants are also believed to bring financial luck to you. You can also opt for the Chinese money plant whose round leaves a dramatic impression.

Money Plant


Lucky Bamboo Plant:

This lucky bamboo plant is also famously known as a Feng Shui plant. You can place it above the cupboard or near the window so that the indirect sunlight helps its growth. The clear water is necessary for its growth and you have to change the water once in every two weeks. It is believed that good luck, happiness, and prosperity is augmented with this plant.

Lucky Bamboo Plant


Cactus Plant:

There are many types of cacti plants which have major benefits like – helping an easy breath, improving concentration level, and natural antiseptic. With low maintenance properties and shallow root system, they are just the perfect plants to use in case you want to create a vertical or wall garden. You can place them in small pots, teacups, mason jars, or hanging planters and keep these artistic plants anywhere in your house like a coffee table, study table, kitchen shelf, or bathroom.

Colorful Cacti Plants


We need more plants for a better life and thus you can bring these amazing indoor plants home or get them as gifts for your loved ones and improve your life in a healthy way.


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