Ways To Create Lifetime Memories This Girlfriend’s Day

Ways To Create Lifetime Memories This Girlfriend’s Day

National Girlfriend’s Day, which is celebrated on 1st August, is a day when girlfriends get together and celebrate their special bond of friendship. Girlfriends can often be your sisters, classmates, mothers, friends, aunts or co-workers. All the strong women are your girlfriends who have been there for you throughout as your friends in times of need. These dearest friends need to be honoured and celebrated. When it’s time for a long due talk or to go out for a cup of coffee or a chat over a glass of wine or a walk in the garden, girlfriends are there. They seek each other out in times of celebration as well as in times of need. This Girlfriends Day let your #GirlSquad know how important they are to you and that you can’t do without them. Here are some fun and interesting ways to create Lifetime Memories with your girls on Girlfriend’s Day:-


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With time life gets busy but as they say, friends need reminders that they are important! This time make sure to not just plan lunch as a group on Whatsapp conversations only but actually make a plan and stick to it. The memories that you will create will be legendary for the times to come.


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So we have all done that and haven’t we enjoyed it? The careless whispers, the not-so-sensible-drinking-games, calling our exes, crying for no reason, not remembering what happened- all thanks to those night-ins that were not planned but happened. This Girlfriend’s day, plan a night-in and goes without saying- dress code- Night Jammies! 


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Painting is a relaxing activity that brings out your creative side. Plan a graffiti painting at your house for your girlfriends. Everyone is free to paint whatever they want but if you put a theme that will get you better results for sure.  You can take turns in keeping the graffiti and this will also give you a chance to meet each other more often.


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Shopping is therapy but when you get to shop with your girlfriends- it becomes very special for you.  But, shopping with your squad is fun and should happen not just on Girlfriend’s day but like once in 2 months if possible. Fashion changes sooner than you think and you need expert advice on what to buy and this is where your girl squad steps in as a fashion guru.


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Now, this sounds fun, doesn’t it? Search for destinations where adventure activities happen around the city and where you all can reach easily. Select an activity that suits all types of people you have in the group and just go for it. 


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Open Road + Car filled with petrol + Music + your girl squad = Trip of the century! You don’t need much to comfort your soul. This trip will not only bring you closer as a group but will give you a chance to catch up with one another, talk about what’s going on, problems, happy moments, gossip about a co-worker or in-laws- whatever it is. This trip is surely going to be an epic one! And of course, driving is liberating!

In case you can’t celebrate this day with your girls, how about surprising them with heartfelt gifts that shout out that you miss them and want them forever in your life. It is recommended to send individual gifts for girls based on the likes and dislikes of your precious ones.

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