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Know All about the Perks of having an Older Sibling

Perks of having an Older Sibling

The ‘first born’ or our elder siblings act like our parents, and in the end, become our best friends. Sometimes, they save us from our parent’s scolding and other times they just spill it all out to make you the evil one. This Nok Jhok bond gets better and better as we grow older. We may agree or not, but there are a lot of perks of having an older sibling. Let’s introduce you to all the perks that you will indeed relate to!

School Projects

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Do you remember those nights when your older sibling use to help you in making school projects? Some of us dozed off, and in the morning we had the best project ready. Thank your Elder siblings right away as they saved you!

Clothes Galore

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If you had an elder sister, then her clothes were all you ever wanted. As they were all about the latest trends and you adored them. You even stole them! Don’t you agree?

Unpaid Bodyguards

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The school was a safe sanctuary as they had our backs. ‘Mera bhai Senior hai, should I call him?’. We all did this, didn’t we?

All Attention on You

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As you were the younger ones, you got all the pampering from your parents as well as your elder siblings. We love attention!

Surprises & Gifts

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Your elder sibling always knew what you want and planned superb birthday parties for you. Throughout your childhood and even in adulthood, they pamper you with amazing gifts.

Our Saviours

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Our elder siblings always save us from parent’s scolding. And, we pretty much agree on that.

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