Types of Friends We all have in our Lives

Types of Friends

National Bestfriend Day falls on 8th June, and we know ‘Tera Yaar Hoon Main’ is already the song you will dedicate to your BFF. But, have you thought about the right gift for ‘your Joey or Rachel’? If not, then we came up with something special! We all have different types of friends, and the right gift for each of them does exist. Are you all excited to know all about the most thoughtful ones? Read on!

Travel BFF

The Travel BFF loves to travel and to explore new places with you. For her/him, you can get a travel journal or a travel bag. You can even go all out by planning a surprise trip with them!

Shopping BFF

We all have that shopping maniac friend in our lives who is always up-to-date with all the latest trends. From the latest fragrances to apparels, she or he has got it all. Get her a personalised perfume or trendy home decor items for her room!

Work BFF

The office is so much better with a BFF! Discussing all the gossip and being there for each other is the key to a happy office life. To surprise your work BFF, you can get indoor plants that are perfect for her/his desk and will bring good luck and positivity.

College BFF

The word college makes us all nostalgic, and our BFF is someone we miss the most. Whether you are currently in college or not, the good memories will always include friends. To make your college BFF feel extremely special, get a personalised photo frame for her/him along with a box of chocolates.

Roommate BFF

A roommate soon becomes our sister or brother as we share a lot of time with them. They know all about your fav foods and mood swings. For this bond, all you need is a hamper of goodies. A personalised mug, cosmetics, snacks, and more will be perfect for your hamper. You can even gift her/him houseplants, dreamcatchers, wish trees and more with which you both can decorate your room!

Party BFF

When all you feel like is having a few shots and dancing till the sun goes down, whom do you go to? Yes, we are talking about your party, BFF. We have the most suitable gift for her/him. Get them bar accessories or engraved beer mug or wine glass along with a beer bottle or vintage wine!

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