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How to Decorate your Room in a Budget-friendly Way

How to Decorate your Room in a Budget-friendly Way?

Which lockdown trend have you decided to try? Is it baking or channelising the inner interior designer in you? If it’s the latter, then we thought of helping you. How about decorating your room in a budget-friendly way? Sounds cool, right? So, pick up a pen and paper and jot down our pocket-friendly room decor ideas. Let’s start!

Do it With Dreamcatchers

Get a light pink or white coloured bedsheet, hang it on the wall. Add a dreamcatcher on top of it. Now, add your favourite pictures, and you have already nailed the art of decorating!

Lamps & Drapes

Classy lamps and medium tone drapes can change the whole look of your room. Get curtains in shades of sky blue, white, soft pink, and other pastel-shaded and hang them. Get your hands-on sheer drapes and diamond or bottle-shaped lamps for a chic set-up!

Turn on the Fairy Lights

Grab a few fairy lights and decorate your window with them. You can get fairy lights along with glass mason jars or bottles. Brighten up your room with the lights that come in different shapes like stars, glowworms, moon and more.

Pick up the Paint Brush

Are you ready to paint the wall? Pick the colour you like, paint one wall in the room and hang personalised frames on it. Make the wall a spot of memories and add a focus light on the wall!

Vibrant or Personalised Cushion Covers?

Bring a vibrant bedsheet and personalised cushions that have quirky messages on them. Place them on your bed. You can even get wall plates to complete the look!

Create a Happy Corner, a.k.a your Green Corner

Just admit it! Plants can beautify any spot. Get hanging planters, vines, and flowering plants for the dull corner in your room. Add beautiful hues of greens to your room for creating a Happy Corner!

Mirrors & Splash of Colors

Get a gorgeous mirror with wooden carvings on its border. Get colourful frill curtains for your windows and wish trees. The crystal wish trees will not only bring positivity but will fit perfectly with the vibrant theme.

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