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Top 7 Indoor Plants to Give as Housewarming Gifts

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The purpose of housewarming gifts is to make the new occupants feel comfortable and to help them transform the house into their home. Thus, every housewarming gift holds great power and importance. One such kind of gift is an indoor plant. Indoor plants are famously known to enhance any room’s decor, bring an aura of positivity, and eliminate air-pollutants. There is a colossal variety of indoor plants with plenty of benefits and each prettier looking than the other. Here are our favourite top 7 indoor plants to give as housewarming gifts

Peace Lily 

Peace Lily Plant

As the name suggests, this plant is known to bring an aura of calmness and freshness. Peace Lilies have a myriad of glossy foliage, and they flower beautiful delicate white flowers. Their air-purifying properties only add to the list of why a Peace Lily is the perfect choice as a housewarming gift. 

Snake plant 

Snake Plant

Snake plant is a non-fussy plant with minimal water requirements. It is famous for its sharp and unusually shaped leaves. Hence, the reason behind its name- mother-in-law’s tongue. Apart from Snake plants’ air purifying properties, they liven up any space around the house.  


Bonsai Plant

This Japanese art form of producing miniature trees in containers signifies peace and love. There are a plethora of bonsai styles that depict the trunk’s shape and the bark’s finish. This plant is one of the most thoughtful and beautiful housewarming gifts

Jade plant

Jade Plant

This succulent plant flowers small white or pink flowers only in the spring. The Jade plant is very tough, low maintenance, and has thick, lush leaves. The leaves have spectacular textures and different shades of green. This compatible sized plant is the go-to housewarming plant.  

Money plant 

Money Plant

The popular belief with the money plant is that it attracts wealth and wards off negative energies. It has earned its name as devil’s ivy because it is nearly impossible to kill a money plant. that is so because it thrives even when kept in the dark. Its graceful heart-shaped leaves add great charm to the house. 

Lucky bamboo

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo is usually given as a gift of good fortune as it symbolises a healthy life along with prosperity. This plant is easy to care for, grows in both soil and water, and requires indirect sunlight. However, the lucky bamboo can be toxic for cats and dogs. 

Aglaonema Lipstick Plant 

Aglaonema Lipstick Plant

The Aglaonema Lipstick plant has a fascinatingly bright coloured foliage that will enliven any mood and room. This gorgeous air-purifying plant can live for weeks without water and loves to remain in indirect contact with sunlight. The Aglaonema grows to the height of only 2 feet, which makes it an ideal housewarming present. 

Gift one of these appealing and health benefit indoor plants to the new hosts of the next housewarming party. 

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