Know The Plants That You Can Keep In Your Washroom

Bathroom Plants

Keeping plants inside a home is an age-old practice. Apart from the living room, bedroom, drawing room, the bathroom is also a place where green plants are kept. The bathroom is that place of the house where there is low light, warm temperature, and high humidity. Most of the plants won’t survive in such situation but there are certain plants who fit perfectly to these light, temperature, and humidity conditions of a bathroom. These plants also aim at cleaning the environment apart from adding beauty. So, here we talk about the washroom plants you can keep in your bathroom and contribute to a greener and better planet.


Orchids Plant

Imagine the peaceful petals of orchids asking you to wake up when you go inside your bathroom to take the morning shower! Also, imagine these innocent orchids to hug you back to comfort when you come back after a hectic day at the office. That sounds amazing – isn’t it? So, bring a new orchids plant in your bathroom and see it grow. Orchids love the damp and warm condition of a bathroom. Just keep sticking your orchid plant on a washroom windowsill. The indirect sunlight will keep it happy in its wet environment. The presence of orchids helps in reduction of risk of heart diseases & enhancing good mood.

Lucky Bamboo:

Lucky Bamboo Plant

Lucky Bamboo is perhaps the most obedient indoor plant. It is a plant with natural oddity. It doesn’t require soil also. All you need is a few colorful pebbles and a glass vase to keep the stalks of the lucky bamboo plant. Just provide adequate water supply to this plant and see it prosper. Apart from adding green beauty to your washroom, lucky bamboo would also bring good luck, happiness, peace, good health, and love in your life.

Golden Pothos:

Golden Pothos Plant

Golden Pothos is one of the low-maintenance and easy plants to grow at home. This is also a plant that will sustain even when you neglect it. Its water requirement is also low. As long as it is away from the direct sunlight, the water generally doesn’t dry out. Even when you overwater it – it simply doesn’t care! You will never get any other plant as enduring as Golden Pothos. Golden Pothos purify the atmosphere from formaldehyde, benzene, carbon monoxide. And most importantly, this plant also helps in curbing bad odors. You can keep it in a pot or use a hanging basket to decorate your washroom.

Spider Plant:

Spider Plant

Spider plants are champions at surviving in low light condition. It removes toxins like formaldehyde and carbon monoxide from the atmosphere. The best thing about a spider plant is that it keeps on sprouting new buds and thus you can re-pot them easily. Keep the pot of spider plant in front of your washroom window so that it can receive a medium or slanting sunlight.


Philodendron Plant

This is another fuss-free plant that will beautifully enrich your home. Native to South America, this Philodendron is not a fan of the sunlight and thrives in damp soil. It can tolerate dry conditions but loves high humidity and that’s why your washroom would be the best place for this plant. Place it in a nice jar beside your basin.

Peace Lily:

Peace Lily Plant

Peace lily is a beautiful plant that has shiny & wax-polished leaves. It produces white flowers that have a spoon-like shape. It is a widely popular plant that removes harmful toxins from the air – everything from ammonia and formaldehyde to benzene and trichloroethylene! If you want to see it blooming, then, keep it in your washroom and make sure the soil remains damp.

Apart from these aforementioned ones, the other beneficial washroom plants are – Boston Fern, Cast Iron Plant, Aloe Vera, English Ivy, Azalea, Tropical Pitcher Plant, Peperomia, etc. Renovate your home with these refreshing plants and stay well!

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