5 Houseplants Best At Cleaning Out Indoor Pollution

While we all fret about rising pollution levels in our cities, there is another serious issue that is often placed under the carpet (quite literally!)- Indoor pollution. This is one area which does not get a lot of attention from our ends. Firstly, what causes indoor pollution?

There can be a number of factors including improper ventilation, the presence of impurities like mold and smoke from cigarettes, candles and even cooking. Chemicals may collect in the air you breathe indoors courtesy carpets, furniture, air fresheners and so on. There could be minor symptoms early on like fatigue, headaches, irritation or even dizziness. However, long-term indoor air pollution increases the risks of cardiovascular and respiratory problems and this is a matter of great worry. In this context, we should remember a few specific houseplants which are amazing at cleaning out air pollution indoors. These plants work as natural air purifiers, facilitating swift absorption of toxins and releasing higher oxygen into the air you breathe inside.

Here are the 5 best indoor plants that can effectively clean air indoors:-

English Ivy

English Ivy Houseplant

This plant is a hard worker when it comes to removing toxins from the air inside. It also works effectively on formaldehyde, one of the chief indoor air pollutants these days which comes from flooring resin and carpet dye. English Ivy is a low-maintenance plant which grows nicely in tiny spaces and needs little exposure to sunlight as well.

Peace Lily

Peace Lily Plant

You will adore the dark green leaves and lovely white flowers of this houseplant which is also effective when it comes to benzene absorption. The furniture finishing, paints, and other polishes release Benzene. Peace Lily also helps in the removal of acetone which comes from glues, cleaners, and a few electronic gadgets. This plant is another low-maintenance option but you have to water it on a weekly basis.

Lady Palm

Lady Palm Plant

This is a delicate plant which does not occupy too much space as well. This plant absorbs Ammonia excellently which comes from several dyes, cleaners, and fabrics. This plant is not friendly to direct sunlight and thus you must keep it away from direct sun rays. It needs to be watered until the soil is dry only up to 1-2 inches. Make sure that the soil is drenched till water starts coming out from the holes below the pot. The plant should not absorb this water.

Snake Plant

Snake Plant

This is a tall plant and looks gorgeous as well. It helps in combating the carbon dioxide levels in the air, particularly at night. It releases higher oxygen at night, making it perfect for bedrooms. This plant can adjust to lower levels of light and even droughts. Overwatering is also avoidable for the Snake Plant.

Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos Plant

You will like the lime leaves which can swiftly grow in a variety of climatic conditions. The Golden Pothos Plants absorb Carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and benzene. These Houseplants are suitable for outdoor parking entrances since they can absorb fumes emitted by vehicles. One can put this Golden Pothos plant near the ceiling and it will traipse downwards beautifully. You can grow this in soil or water and it is also suitable for offices or for zones where natural light is low.

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