Celebrate the Coming Birthday in the Most Unforgettable Ways

Unforgettable ways to celebrate birthday

birthdaycakeWe all simply love chocolate making chocolate birthday cakes the most sought after. Chocolate cakes can take on a variety of shapes and designs the most popular being the Chocolate truffle and the black forest.

Chocolate cakes are so very popular for a variety of reasons. They are delicious and look good and are quick and easy to bake. They look every bit as attractive as they taste. Decorating or embellishing a chocolate cake does not take a lot of time, especially if you are well versed with a few tricks needed to make them look grand.

Chocolate Gouache is an excellent option for icing, glazing or embellishing any chocolate cake. Gouache is made by whisking cream and chocolate together till they become a single substance. This mixture can be whipped to form a frosting, piped from bags, or piped to form a glaze. Use chocolate gouache to frost or glaze your cake and give it a luxurious texture.

Chocolate curls and molded chocolate can be made by melting premium quality chocolate. We can make thin chocolate curls by slightly warming the chocolate slab and shaving off the curls. Larger chocolate curls require you to melt the chocolate in a double boiler , then cool in the refrigerator in a 1/4 inch thick layer in a tray. A metal spatula is used to roll the curls off the tray. They are then picked off the tray with a toothpick. Curls and shapes may also be cut out of the prepared thin layer of chocolate with a cookie cutter or a knife. These curls and shapes may be used to decorate the cake.

Chocolate cakes can be easily decorated using cocoa powder and a doily for the pattern.

Chocolate cakes are often regarded as being sinful and decadent. It is true that they are rich in fats but it is important to remember that fats are good for us in moderation. They also contain proteins in eggs and calcium in milk and body building carbohydrates in flour. If eaten in moderation and followed by regular exercise, cakes can actually be beneficial to the health.

Chocolate cakes have a variety of avatars. The chocolate fruit gateau deserves a special mention. This multi layered chocolaty Italian cake embellished with the freshest of fruit is a treat for the eyes and all the senses.

Chocolate cakes are also available in the eggless from the online stores. The heart shaped chocolate cake can be decorated to suit your fancy. Cakes can be customized according to your taste. Chocolate birthday cakes are an integral part of any birthday celebration delivery of Birthday cakes can be same day or a midnight delivery if you so desire.

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