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The component of surprise always brings a wow factor to your gifts! If you are looking for something to please someone, nothing would be better than dropping a surprise on their way. A special day deserves an extraordinary cake. Any celebration “birthdays, wedding, anniversaries or any special occasion is incomplete without a cake. In short, we serve cake at all substantial times in the cycle of life. What makes the cake a must-have for a special occasion is owing to the fact that it shows that the person you bought it for is significant to you. And this custom can be traced way back to the olden times.

Picking the right cake is the key! A cake can tell a story and can reflect the essence of the occasion. Choose a cake with the theme that complements the celebration.

Have you ever wondered that each shape of cake has its own meaning?

a) Round Cakes: They portray the cyclic nature of life. That is why the maximum of birthday cakes are round in shapes.

b) Heart Shaped Cakes: An expression of love towards another person

c) Square Shaped Cakes: The square shaped cakes depicts honesty.

d) Photo Cakes: These extraordinary cakes can be in any shapes with an imprinted version of your loved ones on the cake.

e) Customized Cakes: These cakes are generally customized as per what we want to convey to our loved ones.

A cake is perhaps the single most mesmerizing dessert ever made. There are birthday cakes for birthdays, wedding cakes, anniversary cakes, Christmas cakes etc. You name any occasion of joy and there’s a cake to rejoice it with. Here is a guide through the fanciful world of cakes.

Chocolate Cake: It is an absolute most popular choice of cake and is believed to be of German origin. With the goodness of melted chocolate or cocoa powder, this cake is simply irresistible. A Black Forest cake is one of the most popular chocolate cakes, consisting of several layers with frothy cream and cherries in between. The cake is then garnished with more frothy cream and chocolate shavings.

Red Velvet Cake: This type of cake is gaining admiration in recent times owing to its delicious taste and fascinating look. It is a layered cake dark red in color.

Sponge Cake: Sponge cakes, also known as butter cakes or pound cakes are fluffy and soft like a sponge.

1kg Photo Cake Vanilla Sponge

Fruit Cake: These are dense, heavy cakes made from dried fruits and nuts.

Ice Cream Cake: What happens when you bring double sumptuousness into one single dish? You get an utmost delicious product. Ice cream cakes have ice cream layers and cake topped with whipped cream. These cakes need refrigeration before being cut so that ice cream within doesn’t get melt.

Cheesecake: This is another mouth-watering treat just like ice cream cake. The base of the cake is made up of soft fresh cream. The bottom layer is usually made of crushed cookies or sponge cake. It gets garnished with frothy cream, fruits, nuts, chocolate or fruit syrups. Fruit flavored cheesecakes like strawberry cheesecake or blueberry cheesecakes are particularly popular.

Pick any of these cakes for your party and see everyone go crazy about your cake.

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