Low Calorie Flourless Cake Recipes

Want to cut down calories? Opt for these delicious flourless cakes

Since a long time, it was assumed that one cannot prepare a cake without flour. But with time, experiments and innovation led to the use of many alternate ingredients. We have brought some delicious cake recipes that are gluten-free and thus would be diet-friendly. So, even after the workout, you can enjoy a bite of cake without any guilt feeling.

Flourless Chocolate Amaretti Cake:
The prime ingredients of this cake are amaretti cookies, unsalted softened butter, almonds, 2 tablespoons granulated sugar, cinnamon powder, eggs, semi-sweet chocolates (melted), vanilla extract, and unsweetened cocoa powder for dusting. The cookies and almonds are finely ground and cinnamon is mixed with that. Now, butter, sugar, and eggs are mixed together and a fluffy batter is prepared where the cookie mixture is poured along with other things and baked at the required temperature. The soft and low-calorie cake is ready to serve your health-conscious friends.

Flourless Orange Cake:
Those who love the essence of orange would love this amazing cake for sure. The best quality of oranges are enjoyed during the winter season and thus for your Christmas party, you can go for this easy recipe and feel refreshed. All you require are oranges, eggs, caster sugar, almond meal, and baking powder. After washing the oranges, they are put in a large vessel and boiled with water. Discarding the seeds, the oranges are placed in a food processor and blended very well for a smooth paste. Now, the eggs are whisked with sugar together until it is fluffy, thick, and pale. And then orange mix, almond meal, and caster sugar one by one are slowly poured and folded into the egg batter gently. Finally, this mixture is transferred to a baking pan.

Oats Honey and Almond Cake:
All the health freaks out there thank oats daily for providing a fulfilling meal. Oats is actually powdered well and that replaces the flour in this cake. Adding eggs is optional in this recipe. To make this cake healthier, sugar is also replaced with honey. Oats are ground very well and almonds are sliced thinly. Some low-fat milk is blended with honey and margarine and poured into the oats and mixed very well. The pan is now greased and the batter is poured. The thinly sliced almonds are sprinkled and baked well. While having it with some coffee, you may spread some fresh honey on it.

Flourless Chocolate Cake:
Every one of us, even the one who follows a strict diet falls weak in front of a yummy chocolate cake. Here is a tip for you if you want to enjoy a simple chocolate without any guilt. The main ingredients are eggs, cocoa powder, semi-sweet or dark chocolates, white sugar, and butter. First of all the chocolates are melted butter is mixed in it. The eggs and sugar are to be blended very well and slowly vanilla extract and cocoa powder is poured in. This egg batter is the base of this cake and thus this mix is made a fluffy and foamy one. Now some cocoa powder is sprinkled into the greased pan and the batter is transferred and baked. A soft, smooth, and tasty chocolate cake is prepared in this way that is low in calorie.

You must try out these easy recipes at home and serve your sweet tooth. The measurement of the ingredients of the cakes is not mentioned because that may vary as per your taste.

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