What Are The Best Flowering Plants For Indian Summer?

Flowering Plants for Indian Summer

Flowers are undoubtedly one of the best things on this planet. Apart from adding beauty to the landscape, they also play a great role in pollination and are also used extensively in medicine and cosmetics industry. Each and every season has its special signature flowers and to enhance the beauty of your garden, terrace, or balcony, you must know about the best flowering plants for Indian summer. Bring these beautiful flowering plants and enjoy the blooms. As the summer season in our country is really sultry and scorching, so, you must provide proper care to your plants and add colours to your home & life!

Here are the best flowering plants for Indian Summer:



Lotus is the national flower of India. In white and pink colors, lotus flower simply reflects peace. The white and pink lotus flower is a symbol of purity and devotion. Lotus flower is also found in red, blue, and purple colors and they symbolize ascension, rebirth, and enlightenment respectively. The green lotus flower is a symbol of improvement that one wants to bring in their life. If you want your garden to look peaceful, then, don’t forget this flower. The USP of this flower is that the petals open by dawn and close slowly from afternoon to evening. You can bring one or two medium or big sized tub and grow lotus flowers. You can also grow lotus in your balcony or terrace and enjoy your alone time or meditation there.



Marigold symbolizes beauty & warmth of the rising sun, creativity, success, and cheerfulness in relationships. The bright yellow or a mix of yellow and red marigold would be the perfect summer flower to bring to your garden. As an offering to God in many religions marigold is used. It is also used for many medicinal purposes. The yellow color extracted from marigold is used as a food color. When you bring marigold in your garden, be sure that there won’t be any pests or bugs. So, it is natural pest control for your garden.



Rose is a perennial flowering plant and during the summer season in India, it will require some extra care. Keep it under direct sunlight for some time and avoid scorching rays in the noon. Regularly trim the leaves and also provide adequate water and fertilizer to enjoy these lovely & romantic flowers in your summer garden. There is nothing more beautiful than a full bloom rose. Bring a variety of colors – red, white, baby pink, dark pink, cream, orange, yellow, etc. and enjoy the view! Also, remember that rose flowering plant attracts some pests and bugs and thus place the marigold flowering plants beside the roses.



In India, you will find at least 70 varieties of hibiscus flower. This flower is also offered to God. Women use them as a hair accessory too sometimes. The bright colored hibiscus would make your garden look really energetic during the summer season. Red hibiscus symbolize love, devotion, and passion while white hibiscus stands for beauty & purity. Yellow hibiscus symbolizes sunshine, energy, happiness, and good luck while pink hibiscus refers to romantic love. Just make sure you keep the hibiscus plant under direct sunlight to enjoy the lovely blooms.



Lilies are born to enhance happiness. The big petals and bright colors add a spectacular view to your garden. Lilies symbolize royalty, fertility, motherhood, passion, purity, and the beauty of youth, rebirth. Bring it inside and decorate your center table, dining table or bedside table with this amazing flower.



Sunflower is the most energetic of all flowers. The brightness of this flower would always give you high energy, hope, and positivity to start a day with renewed energy. Sunflowers also symbolize long life, positivity, platonic love, admiration, everlasting happiness, and good luck. Just provide proper water, fertilizer, and sunlight and make your summer garden look gorgeous.

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