Gorgeous Flowers & Tempting Cake Combos Starting at ₹1149

flowers and cakes starting at 1149

Love is in the air and to enhance your romantic feelings, we are here with a heart-warming collection of flower & cake combos. The gorgeous flowers and tempting cakes make a perfect combo reflecting love, admiration, gratitude, and appreciation. Be it a birthday, anniversary, or the upcoming Valentine’s Day – these combos would perfectly match the spirit of the occasions.

Take a look below and see how beautifully you can express your love.

10 Red Carnations & Pineapple Cake

red carnations and pineapple cake

Red carnations symbolise deep love and affection. The ravishing red carnations are paired up with a sweet yet tangy pineapple cake. Those who love pineapple cake would love this combo.

Red Carnations Bouquet & Black Forest Cake

red carnations and black forest cake

To let someone one about your deep love, care, and admiration, this is a perfect flower & cake combo that you can choose. The delicious black forest cake would surely intensify your bond of love.

Bouquet Of Red Roses & Chocolate Cream Cake

red roses and chocolate cream cake

You can never be wrong with a magnificent bouquet of red roses. And we have added a heavenly chocolate cream cake to add more excitement to your special day.

10 Red Roses & Butterscotch Cake

red roses and butterscotch cake

Red roses are the best messengers of love, romance, and desire. Make your statement of love stronger with this lethal combo of a bouquet of 10 red roses and a butterscotch cake. Let there be an extra sweetness to your special day.

10 Pink Roses & Chocolate Cream Cake

pink roses and chocolate cream cake

Pink roses symbolize affection, admiration, and appreciation. If you are thankful towards your lover for some reason, don’t think twice to gift him/her this attractive bouquet of 10 pink roses and a chocolate cream cake.

10 Yellow Carnations & Pineapple Cake Combo

yellow carnations and pineapple cake

If you are looking out for something charming and bright for your best friend, you can opt for this beautiful combo of yellow carnations and a pineapple cake. Also when you want to uplift the mood of your sweetheart this combo would be a perfect choice.

Chocolaty Red Roses & Truffle Cake Combo

chocolaty roses and truffle cake

This is a unique bouquet of love and you must present it to your significant other. Red roses are decorated in a bouquet along with Ferrero Rocher chocolates and they are looking temptingly beautiful. The delightful truffle cake is adding more pleasure to this combo.

Purple Orchids Posy & Black Forest Cake

orchids and black forest cake

A black forest cake is combined with a bouquet of purple orchids and it will be a perfect gift to greet an unconventional person you know. The USP of this fashionable bouquet is that it comes with Cadbury chocolates.

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