The Best Bonsai Plants for Home or Office

Including a green friend inside your home or office has become important in the current time. In the first place, the green leaves would eat up the toxins from the air and provide you a fresher air. Moreover, they would also add a wonderful beauty to your space. In most of the metro cities where people face lack of space, Bonsai seems to be the best option for bringing trees home. Yes! you don’t require a sprawling lawn or garden to accommodate trees. The miniature version of trees or Bonsai would be a perfect addition to your home or office. Have a look at some of the easily grown Bonsai trees!

Japanese Maple:

Acer Palmatum is commonly known as Japanese Maple. It is one of the Bonsai favorites especially due to the lobed leaves, vibrant color, and adaptability to become a bonsai. Japanese Maple bonsai prefers a sunny and breezy place to stay well. But you must not forget to bring it under shade during mid-day or afternoon heat. The extreme winter or frost is also unhealthy for its growth. You can form formal upright, informal upright, broom, and cascade style with this tree. So, bring this tree to your home or office and make your place a happy and energetic one!

Japanese Maple Bonsai

Bodhi Tree:

Ficus Religiosa or Bodhi Tree is that tree under which Siddhartha Gautam became Lord Buddha. He achieved enlightenment while meditating under this shady tree. The common names for this tree are Sacred Fig, Peepal, and Bo-tree. It would make an excellent Bonsai. You can keep this tree in a sunny area in your home or office because it is a tropical tree which loves sun and heat. But remember that frost or cold waves are detrimental to its growth. The aerial roots provide wonderful sight! The heart-shaped shiny leaves are bronze in color but after maturity turns into glossy green. You can form formal upright, informal upright, semi-cascade, broom, rock over root, twin trunk, cascade, and Banyan style with this tree.

Bodhi Tree


Crassula Ovata is commonly known as Jade Plant and it can be wonderfully converted into a Bonsai. It is a succulent plant with thick and fleshy stems and leaves. The trunk and stems look tough and the small leaves look cute. A breezy and sunny weather with high temperature is required to grow this bonsai. You can form informal upright, slanting, clump, and root over rock style with this tree. If you are new to the world of Bonsai cultivation, you must start with this Jade as it requires minimal efforts to maintain a nice growth. If everything is right, you would notice star-shaped white or pale pink flowers in the fall. Additionally, some also believe that this Jade plant brings good luck and prosperity! So, if you want some shower of luck, you must not forget this green friend.

Jade Bonsai

Dwarf Schefflera:

This is one of the most popular Bonsai trees for its amazing features. The special features are low maintenance, drought resistant, and tough to kill. This is again one of the best trees to grow if you are a beginner. Bright but indirect sunlight is important for its growth. You can form informal upright, cascade, banyan, semi-cascade, clasped to rock, rock over root, and clump style with this tree. This is also known as Umbrella tree.

Dwarf Schefflera


If you simply want to add some vivacious colors to your interiors, you can bring this Bougainvillea in Bonsai form. The gorgeous paper-like attractive flowers would add the much-required drama to your home or office. Therefore, the bright and beautiful flowers would soothe your eyes and mind. This plant would require minimum 5-6 hours of direct sunlight to grow well. The freezing temperature is not good for Bougainvillea. You can form any traditional style of Bonsai with this tree except formal upright.

Bougainvillea Bonsai

Pachira Bonsai:

The other name of Pachira Bonsai is Money tree. This tree is a popular Bonsai plant and generally comes with a twisted or braided trunk. In Feng Shui belief, this plant is considered a lucky one! Find the bright and sunny place in your home or office to place this tree. It is true that Pachira requires little maintenance but it would require a regular fertilizer feeding, pruning, repotting, and pest management. The braided trunk, sleek leaves, and a financial gain are some of the factors which makes this plant a must for your home or office.

Pachira Bonsai

These are some of the best Bonsai trees that you can bring into your home or office as they require the least care. If you want to take good care of the bonsai plants, you can read our related blog:

So, bring these beautiful Bonsai in your life and give a thumbs up to green living!

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