5 Signs you are in a One-sided Relationship

Signs you are in a one-sided relationship

Love Hurts! Do you agree with this phrase? We don’t, as it doesn’t hurt when the feelings are mutual. If your relationship isn’t making you happy, then maybe it’s time to check the signs that indicate that you are currently in a one-sided relationship. And, as your well-wisher, we sat with our relationship experts and jotted down a list of the clear signs of a one-sided relationship. Take a look!

You Apologise all the Time

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Whether it’s your fault or theirs, you are the one who always apologises. Moreover, saying ‘sorry’ has become a daily thing for you.

You feel Insecure

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A one-sided relationship will make you insecure about yourself. You will become underconfident and keep thinking that they will find someone better.

Your Partner Keeps Breaking Up

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Let’s Break up! Does your boyfriend say this often? If yes, then you have your answer. It is a one-sided relationship as ending it is super easy for them.

You make all the Efforts

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Whether it’s an anniversary or birthday, you are the one who remembers everything and makes them feel special and loved. You smother them with kisses, gifts and hugs, but they don’t appreciate anything. They never make an effort or spend time with you.

Your Partner Never Includes you in their Plans

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Is your partner more interested in spending time with their friends? Do they never want to hang out with you? This is a clear sign that it is a one-sided relationship as being with you doesn’t make them happy!

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