5 Indoor Plants that can help you Sleep Better

There is a famous Irish saying, ‘A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.’ A safe and sound sleep at night is the best gift and luxury one could ask for. It keeps you fit both physically and mentally and gets you going through the day. But unfortunately, regular stress, anxiety, and the burden of work causes sleep-related issues and leaves you feeling tired for the rest of the day. The interrupted sleep at night takes a toll on the energy and affects your productivity. If you have a hard time sleeping at night, then adding some plants to your bedroom can help you get better sleep. Indoor plants purify air inside the house, emit the pleasant fragrance and help in inducing sleep.

Let’s have a look at some Indoor plants that can help you breathe easily & regulate a healthy sleeping pattern.


The rich and sweet fragrance of jasmine helps reduce the level of anxiety, enhances the mood and induces deep sleep. According to research, people who inhale the fragrance of jasmine before sleeping experience better sleep with less movement through the night. It is because Jasmine has a very calm effect on their brain. Buy the jasmine plant online to enhance the décor of your house and also to get a good night’s sleep.



Lavender is known to relax the body by lowering the blood pressure and heart rate. The aroma of lavender reduces anxiety, induces light sleep and help you fall asleep quickly. It has been proven in studies that the smell of lavender comfort babies and puts them to sleep, which is great for mothers. You can gift potted lavender plant to your friends on housewarming so that they can get restful sleep at night.



The peaceful white lily is a delight to eyes and helps you get a good night sleep. Keeping lilies inside the house boosts up the level of humidity that filters the toxic gases and microbes present in the atmosphere, which causes problems, such as the dry nose and sore throat that affects the sleep. So, you can keep Lily in a potted plant in your bedroom for the peaceful aura and great sleep.


Spider Plant

Spider Plant is perfect to cleanse the air that you breathe when you are inside the house. It filters the airborne pollutants and removes the chemical formaldehyde from the air that causes cancer. The spider plant absorbs unpleasant odors present in the atmosphere and stimulates good sleep. So, if you want to get rid of air pollutants and chemicals present inside the house, keep the spider plant indoor to breathe fresh and pure air. You can easily buy spider plant online to gift to your near and dear ones on special occasions.



Rosemary is another cure for insomnia. It improves the quality of air and encourages better and healthy sleep. In fact, the rosemary oil lifts up the mood, relieve stress, and enhances the memory. Rosemary plant can be kept inside the house to cure respiratory infections, such as cold and allergies. But make sure you provide this plant 5-6 hours of direct sunlight daily.


By adding indoor plants to your house, you not only get fresh air and sound sleep but also learn a lot about the variety of plants and how to grow them under several conditions. Choose the right plants for your house and get rid of sleeping disturbance at night.

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