10 Things you didn’t know about Chocolates!!

You just cannot have enough of chocolates! In fact, one life is not enough to enjoy all kind of chocolates. In happiness, in sadness, in moments of triumph, during the night before exams, in the first dating – chocolates have always been in use. They make all our regular moments a beautiful memory. Let’s see if you all know these following facts about chocolates.

  1. The Mayans are believed to have discovered chocolates and once upon a time the cocoa beans were used as currency. The Aztecs did the same and even levied taxes on precious cacao plants. Now, this is quite an interesting information and projects how crazy people were for chocolates.
  2. The holidaymakers are continuously on the hunt for a reason to munch some more chocolates! 7th July is Chocolate Day as on this day chocolates were brought to Europe in the year 1550. 28th July is the Milk Chocolate Day, 13th September is the International Chocolate Day and 7th November is Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day.
  3. Do you know that an extract of cocoa can be more effective than fluoride to keep the teeth healthy? That’s really an interesting way to fight tooth decay.
  4. Some people argue that chocolate is actually a vegetable. Why? Because chocolate is derived from the cacao bean which grows on the cacao tree. Thus our most loved form of dessert may be called a vegetable.
  5. The term milk chocolate is somewhat befuddling as there are no cacao beans in it. There is the absence of cocoa solids or chocolate liquor in the so-called “milk chocolates”. It is made with cocoa butter only.
  6. You can hardly drink the original hot chocolate. A bitter concoction was offered as hot chocolate during happy occasions in ancient Mexican and Aztec culture. What we drink as hot chocolate is way different than that.
  7. We all would love to thank the person who made “chocolate eating” possible. It was the “Fry & Sons” shop who came up with solid chocolate for the first time in the year 1847 by merging cocoa butter, sugar, and chocolate liquor.
  8. You must have come across “Baker’s Chocolate” in the shop and got confused about its limited use! It was Dr. James Baker and John Hannon who founded their chocolate company in the year 1765 whose name was Walter Baker Chocolate. The “Baker’s Chocolate” refer to the name of the maker only.
  9. Making chocolate is really a laborious task. It takes about 400 cacao beans to make a single pound of the good chocolate.
  10. Have you ever paused to think why chocolate melts easily in your mouth? Actually, chocolate melts at around 93° F which is just a few degrees below the human body temperature. That’s why chocolate melts so easily on your tongue giving you a satiated feeling.


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