#ChocolateDay- Create Melting Moments Starting at Rs. 500

chocolate day

For most people, sharing chocolates is a big deal. Chocolates are the most loved treats in the world, and for many people sharing chocolate means you truly love someone. This is the very reason for celebrating chocolate day during valentine’s week. To create melting moments on this sweet day, we have some delicious chocolate day gifts for you which start at just Rs. 500!

Chocolaty Roses Bouquet

chocolate bouquet

Loved by everyone- a combination of Cadbury and red roses. This bouquet is a perfect expression of I Love You!

Flavourful Vegan Chocolate Bars

chocolate bouquet

Know someone who is Vegan? We have chocolates for them too. Theses chocolates are vegetarian and perfect to be gifted to your loved ones who are vegan.

Zevic Dark Chocolate Gift Pack

chocolate bouquet

How about chocolates which are healthy? You heard it right! These dark chocolates do not contain sugar, but stevia which makes it naturally sweet. You can gift it to someone, to let them enjoy a guilt-free chocolate day.

Love With Chocolates

chocolate bouquet

Let the love of your life know that you love them in a sweet way. These chocolates spell I Love You, and perfect to make chocolate day filled with love.

Tower Of Dairy Milk

chocolate bouquet

A three-layered arrangement made of your favourite chocolate Cadbury dairy milk, and to add the sweet fun it is layered with delicious Cadbury Chocolairs. This is made for someone who loves chocolates more than anything.

Special Temptations & Bournville Bouquet

chocolate bouquet

A bouquet made of delicious temptations chocolate & Bournville dark chocolate bars. This is for the ones who would do anything but share their chocolates.

Kit Kat Chocolate Tower

choco bouquet

There are chocolate lovers and then there are the ones who love Kit Kat Chocolate. Give them a break from every day’s usual routine and gift them a kit kat chocolate tower.

Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Collection

choco bouquet

A box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates which has different flavours. It is meant for the friend who loves everything exotic.

Personalised Box of Chocolates

choco bouquet

Celebrate the chocolate day in a more heartwarming way by adding a touch of memories to your chocolates. You can get the box of the chocolates personalised with a picture.

Explosion Of Chocolates

choco explosion box

This box is full of chocolates. On opening this box, you will find multiple layers of chocolates. It is for the ones you love from the bottom of your heart.

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