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Celebrate the Special Day with Extra Delight – Best Chocolates for Birthday Celebration at School

Celebrating birthdays at school is a special feeling for kids. From choosing the best outfit to distributing toffees and chocolates, they eagerly count down the days and plan for their big day. And with this arises a huge question for parents which chocolate is best for birthday distribution? Thus, to help you choose the best chocolate gift packs for your kid’s birthday celebration at school, we have some delightful chocolate options that will bring a huge smile to their faces and make their day. 

Delightful Special Ferrero Rocher Moments

Mom Special Ferrero Rocher Moments

Everyone loves Ferrero Rocher chocolates! Featuring a creamy hazelnut flavour, these crunchy and nutty chocolate balls come gold-wrapped making them visually appealing. Owing to their design, these chocolates are simply perfect for sharing and making every child happy and cheerful to receive one.

Artisanal Chocolate Medley

Artisan Chocolate Medley

Another chocolate for birthday distribution at school is this Artisan Chocolate Medley. Featuring an amazing variety of handcrafted chocolates, these artistic chocolates come in four flavours; mint, crunch punch, coffee orange chocolate and cranberry. We bet this medley will surely captivate young taste buds and introduce them to a world of gourmet chocolates.

Classic Truffles Mandala Box

Luxury Truffles Mandala Box

Eye-catching and tempting, this delightful assortment of truffles come in a range of heavenly milk, strawberry melody, milk almond, etc. Sharing these truffles with his classmates will undoubtedly make your child’s day even more memorable. The best part is that these birthday chocolates also look premium in their packaging.

Handmade Chocolate Hamper

Handmade Chocolate Hamper

Bursting with exquisite flavours like rich cocoa, creamy milk, and tantalising almond dragees in unique varieties, this is the best chocolate box for birthday distribution owing to the arrangement in separate boxes. Great in quantity, it is always best to choose chocolates that are easy to distribute like these handmade chocolate hamper.

Mini Chocolate Bars

Free Chocolate Bar Sweetness photo and picture


Brands like Twix, Cadbury Dairy Milk, 5-Star and Hershey’s offer mini chocolate bars wrapped individually making them easy to share. You can surely consider their chocolate gift boxes as they will be easy to hand out among your kid’s friends.

Chocolate Coins

Free Money Coins photo and picture


Covered in gold and silver foil, chocolate coins are usually picked as a popular choice for birthday parties. They are super tasty and look eye-catching enough to make anyone excited to receive them. Moreover, these chocolate coins are appealing to kids making them all the more perfect to choose for distribution in school.

So, with all the distributable chocolate options, celebrate your child’s birthday and make it special for them. After all, there’s nothing quite like the joy of sharing and the happiness that a simple piece of chocolate can bring especially to kids! Happy celebrating!

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