10 Most common dialogues between Best Friends

10 Most common dialogues between Best Friends

Conversations between friends are never normal or formal. There is always an element of fun added that makes them even more interesting. When you talk to your BFF they might understand you without you even saying a word! But still, there are some common dialogues exchanged between every group of friends at one point or other. Let’s see what these dialogues are:

Now that you’ve got new friends, you have forgotten the old ones

Often said in a tone of sarcasm, this is the funniest dialogue exchanged between two guy best friends when one of them gets a girlfriend.

Let’s get wasted

Because are you even friends, if you don’t drink together?

You’re my BRO

Because you love your best friend as much as you love your siblings.

Shhh, don’t tell it to anyone else

Best friends share the deepest of their secrets and expect from each other to not reveal them to anyone else.

Why would you remember me now

When your BFF doesn’t text you for a day!

Leave it, this ain’t your cup of tea

It often comes across as a teasing remark that best friends say to each other when they are not able to do something expected from them.

Where did you get it from?

Every time a girl buys a new dress, a pair of shoes or a bag, her best friend definitely asks where she got it from.

Don’t stress about it, everything will be alright

Even if things don’t get better, an expression of sympathy from your best friend makes you feel calmer.

You think you’re some hotshot now

Friends know very well how to keep you grounded and embarrass you with such witty remarks whenever you try to show off in front of them.

Where are you lost these days?

Whenever you miss your best friend’s call or forget to call back, it is the most common thing you get to hear from them

Each friendship is different, but these witty and sarcastic dialogues are some common things about every friendship. Celebrate Best Friends Day with some cool & quirky gifts.

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