Totally weird reasons to party

Totally weird reasons to party

We all love to party. Parties are the best places to have fun with your friends, click pictures and flaunt that amazing outfit you just bought online. Everyone parties on usual occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas. But have you ever thought about partying on unusual occasions? Well, one thing is for sure that you can have a celebration whenever you want. 

Get ready with your party hat; we are about to present some totally weird reasons to party.

Breakup party

Breakups can sometimes be liberating. There’s no harm in feeling the joy and freedom of being single again with a breakup party.

Getting into a new relationship party

You just met someone. Things clicked. You never know that person can end up being your life-long partner. And that calls for a party!

It’s Fridayyy wali party

Cheers to the best days of the week (Saturday & Sunday) with Friday wali party.

College mass bunk party

Because sitting in the classroom and attending lectures is too mainstream. Once in a while, you can bunk college and celebrate like nobody’s business. 

Someone is moving back party

Your best friend moving back with you is exciting to another level. Etch the day forever with a grand celebration.

House is finally decorated party

So, your apartment is finally clean and decorated! That’s an achievement. Text your friends. Pop the champagne. Have the most stylish affair of your life.

Hit your goal party

So, you managed to be on the keto diet for a month? Or have you been working out consistently this month? Well, you hit a goal. That’s huge. And now you can party in peace.

You lost a bet party

I think this one tops the chart when it comes to weird reasons to party. You already lost the bet. Now you’ve to make up for it by throwing your friends a party. Get up. Dress up. And party hard with your friends.

You got a job party

So, you finally got the job of your dreams that you’ve been chasing for months. Congrats! Now go and splurge on your friends. Party hard!

Some days without something party

If you said goodbye to a bad habit, you gotta celebrate. Reward yourself. Just make sure you don’t get back to the bad habit.

Have you got some great excuses to throw a party? Do share with us.

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