Why is Hydrangea known as the ‘Ever Thirsty Flower’?

hydrangea flowers are thirsty

A beautiful exotic flower with astonishing facts- yes, that is Hydrangea. Native to Asia and America, you can find a hydrangea flower anywhere in the world. There are nearly 70 to 75 species of this exotic flower. Hydrangea flowers are known for being big, vibrant blooms.

Scientific Name- Hydrangea macrophylla

Family- Hydrangeaceae 

Number of Species- 70 to 75

Always Thirsty Flowers- Hydrangea

Did you know that Hydrangea flowers are always thirsty? They need to be watered frequently, even if they are in the form of cut flowers. No shock that the name is derived from Greek and means water vessels.

Since Hydrangeas absorb water quickly, they need to be watered frequently. They are very sensitive to watering issues, and unlike other plants, they usually face a problem of under-watering. They even show signs of being under watering, especially on a hot sunny day.

Visible symptoms that your hydrangea is thirsty are:

  • They will start to wilt, most often the lower leaves which are closer to the ground.
  • Leaves may start to turn yellow and fall off as well.
  • Stunted Growth of the hydrangea flower plant.
  • They become weak, tangled and start to rot.

Please Note- Be careful as the symptoms of overwatering hydrangea may look similar

How to Water Hydrangea Plant?

If you notice that your hydrangea is looking dull, place your finger into the soil to see if it is dry. If the soil is moist, do not water the plant and check the base of the pot covering to ensure there is no water pooling. But if the soil does feel dry, go ahead and hydrate it. Water by removing the pot from the covering and placing it in a sink full of water. If you see bubbles when you place it in the sink, wait for the bubbles to disappear. Once the bubbles are gone, this means your plant is watered. Make sure you place your hydrangea in a bright spot, but away from direct sunlight.

How to Water Cut Hydrangea Flower?

Hydrangea cuts often wilt away, so it is very important to take care of a cut hydrangea flower. If you receive a hydrangea bouquet, make sure to place it in a vase. To make sure it lasts longer, you need to follow a small ritual before placing them into a vase. Since Hydrangeas produces saps that clogs up their stem and blocks water from traveling up it to petals, they need to be placed in hot water. Take a container and fill it with hot water. Then take out your hydrangea flowers from the vase and cut off the bottom one inch from each stem. Thereafter, place your hydrangeas in the container full of hot water. Let your flowers sit there for 1 to 2 hours.

Now take a clean vase filled with room temperature water, and submerge the hydrangea stems completely. Make sure you change the water in the vase every alternate day. For better results, spray water on the flower petals. If you take care of cut hydrangeas properly, they can last up to 2 to 3 weeks.

So keep your beautiful hydrangeas hydrated!


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