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What is the Reason Behind Different Dates for Mother’s Day?

What is the Reason Behind Different Dates for Mother's Day

The presence of mothers in our lives makes it blissful and peaceful. When God created mothers, he did a favour on us as she is the heartbeat of the family. Mother’s Day is celebrated on different dates in the world and the only constant is that the day is dedicated to our loving mothers. But, What is the reason behind different dates for Mother’s Day? We went a step ahead and found the answer to the former question. So, scroll down and know all about it!

The United Kingdom

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Mother’s Day is known as Mothering Sunday in the UK. It is celebrated on the 4th Sunday of lent or on a Sunday that falls three weeks before Easter. In medieval times, people used to visit their Mother Church on this day. Later, people started celebrating it as Mother’s Day. Simnel Cake and breakfast in bed are the ways that children pamper their mothers in the UK on this day.


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The locals of France celebrate Mother’s Day on the last Sunday of May or the first one of June. Why? We have the answer. In the Napolean era, families with many children were given medals on this day. And, today children surprise their mothers with medals, flowers and thoughtful gifts on this day.


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On 22nd December, the locals of Indonesia decided to celebrate the spirit of the Indonesian women. Today, this day is celebrated as Mother’s Day and children shower their mothers with love, kisses and special Mother’s Day flowers.

Arab Countries

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In UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and all across the Arab World, Mother’s Day is celebrated on 21st March every year. Wondering about the reason? 21st March is the day when Mother Earth comes to life and spring embraces the Arab world. Hence, this day was dedicated to all Mothers. Gorgeous Carnations, delicious cakes and more are the highlights of this day.

USA & Other Countries

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In India, Japan and other countries, the second Sunday of May is popular as Mother’s Day. All these countries follow the United States of America. In 1908, Anna Jarvis in the USA conceived of a day that celebrated Motherhood and the sacrifices that a mother makes. Since then this day is celebrated with great splendour. Children in all these countries spoil their mom with gifts, cakes, plants, flowers and gestures that will make her feel extremely special.


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