Unforgettable Memories related to Cocoa

unforgettable memories related to cocoa

Just like tea and coffee, hot cocoa is a magical drink that binds people. Enjoying this elixir with friends and loved ones allow people to connect and create memories galore. Being a private person, I love to cherish sweet memories that never fail to put a smile on my face, now and then. Cocoa being my comfort drink has given me some wonderful memories that I am going to share further.

First Camping Trip

1st camping trip

For someone who loves travelling, my rendezvous with camping started at a very young age. I still remember it was my first camping trip with school buddies and after the dinner, all the kids were served hot cocoa. Over the hot cocoa, my best friend and I shared a lot many secrets that we have never told anyone before. That camping trip brought us closer and made our friendship even stronger.  

First Night Out

first night out

Having strict parents, I was never allowed to spend the night with my friends during school days. But this one time, I begged my parents and got a chance to stay at my best friend’s place on her birthday night. That night, my friend and I for the very first time in our lives entered the kitchen and made hot cocoa with marshmallows. And to our astonishment, it turned out to be quite yummy. We spent the entire night gossiping and enjoying comedy movies while sipping our favourite hot cocoa.  

Night Before Exams

night before exam

It was the night before my first board exam and I was anxious. I just couldn’t concentrate somehow. So, I went up to my mom and explained everything. She asked me to relax and went up to the kitchen to make me a hot cup of cocoa. My mother came back to my room with a cup of cocoa and looked right into my eyes and said to me that everything is going to be alright. With every sip of cocoa, I started to feel better and more focused. Don’t know if it was the cocoa or mummy’s love, it felt like I got my mojo back instantly.

First romantic phone conversation

1st romantic phone conversation

It was around college days and I have just started to date this cute guy from my class. Eventually, we started to get to know each other better and the long texts melted into long phone conversations. During our first romantic phone conversation, we got to know how much we both like hot cocoa. Therefore, we decided to make hot cocoa and have it together while we were still on the call. That night and long romantic conversation are etched in my memory forever. A major credit of their beautiful memory goes to hot cocoa.

Long-distance phone conversation

long-distance phone conversation

It was around the time when my sister moved to the USA and phone calls were our only mode of communication. We used to have these long phone conversations every night where we used to tell each other about our day to day routine and talk about everything in life. Both, my sister and I are huge hot cocoa fans. Our day can never be considered complete without it. And when my sister moved to the USA, we used to miss our long and fun hot cocoa sessions a lot. So we made a pact that every day during our call, we both would prepare cocoa for ourselves and savour it while chatting about big and small moments of life. 

I can never credit cocoa enough to be a part of some of the most treasured memories of my life that always brighten up my mood.

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