Types of People on Holi


Holi is a festival filled with colours, food, music and masti. Some people like to celebrate it with colours while others prefer to stay away from them. Some people like to party while others not so much. While celebrating the festival, you will come across different types of people.

#HoliKiJaldiHai- The ones who can’t wait to play Holi


These are the people who just cannot wait to play Holi, so they start early. You would find them throwing balloons and playing with pichkaris, like 5 days before Holi.

#BhaangAurGujia- The ones who only care about food


These are the people who do not care about playing Holi, but the food. You would find them wandering around the food table, stuffing their mouth with Gujia, Bhang, Pakore, and literally anything edible.

#SneakyGulalAttackers- The ones who attack everyone with Gulal


They would appear out of nowhere, attack you with gulal, and disappear like a ghost.

#TumKahanMaiYahan- The ones who try their best to hide


They would avoid all calls and text messages, and try their best to hide at home so they wouldn’t have to play Holi. Spoiler Alert- People will find them and colour them.

#BuraNaMaanoHoliHai- The ones playing Holi with everything


Mud, Eggs, Tomatoes, Chutney, and even wall paint, these people would play Holi with everything. When they arrive, it is like the horror is here.

#CreepAlert- The ones who think Holi is just another occasion to Flirt


For them, Holi is a hall pass to flirt. They would walk up to every girl, use cheesy lines, and you know the rest- Thappad!

#SafeKhelenge- The ones who only play with organic colours


These are the ones who would refuse to play Holi with anything other than organic colours. In fact, they would carry a bag of colour around with them.

#EnthuAunty- The neighbour aunty who would organize everything 


There is always an enthusiastic neighbour aunty who would organize an entire function in the colony which would include dance performances and games. She just does that because she wants to fit in.

#ClickClickClick- The ones who are all about taking selfies


For them, Holi is just another reason to click selfies. They absolutely do not care about the fact that the water might get into their phones.

#PaaniBachaoKaramchari- The one who is all about lectures


We understand the fact that we need to save water, but these people just won’t stop. They have an entire lecture prepared.

#UskoDekhoZara- The ones who love to gossip


These are the ones who have got their nose in everyone’s business. Holi is a spying feast for them. They would notice everyone, prepare a list of all events & spread rumours.

#Bakra- The one who is targeted by everyone


This one person is everyone’s target. May it be an egg, dry colours, balloons, or that nasty silver colour, they would be everyone’s target.

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