Types of Leap-Year Borns

Types of Leap Year Born

We celebrate our birthday every year, and when the day is over, we think how tough it would be to wait for another 365 days. Imagine the people who have to wait 4 years for their birthday? Born on 29th Feb, they are known as leaplings or leap-year borns. They are sure to have mixed feelings about their birthday.

Here are 5 types of leap year borns:

#ItsMyDay- The Excited Ones


These leaplings are over-excited about their birthday. They may celebrate it every year but when their actual birthday comes, they just can’t help but make a big deal out of it. They would have a big celebration once every 4 years.

#CelebrationTohCelebrationHai- The Whatever Ones


Leaplings? What leap year babies? They are the ones who do not believe in Leap year birthdays. They would give you an explanation of the rotation of the earth, and how it shouldn’t affect their birthday. For them, their birthday either falls on 28th Feb or 1st March.

#IAmAUnicorn- The Magic Is Real Ones


Superhero movies and fairytales, why do we love them? Because they help us escape reality. Then there are leaplings who believe that they have magical powers because they were born on 29th Feb. Did you know that the fictional birthday of Superman is on 29th Feb?

#GuiltyTripForGifts- The Greedy Ones


“Hey Dad, Can you buy me the latest iPhone even though you got me one last year? My birthday comes once in 4 years!” They use their leap year birthday as an excuse to extract whatever they want. They would tell people that their birthday comes once in 4 years, which is why they surely deserve a really expensive gift.

#IDontCare- The Meh Ones


These leap year borns are tired of this status and questions about their birthdays. They are just no more excited about birthdays anymore. It hardly matters to them if their birthday is being celebrated on 28th Feb, 29th Feb or 1st March. They are just meh about it.

Leap year birthdays are special for sure, if you have any friends who were born on 29th Feb, do share this with them.

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