Birthday Gifts For Her

Birthday Gifts for Your Long Distance Girlfriend

Birthday Gifts for Your Long Distance Girlfriend

The long distance relationship could be quite challenging when the love of your life stays away from you, but do not let that distance create a gap in your relationship. Love is beyond time and space that cannot be restricted within the boundaries. Do whatever you can to keep that special someone close to your heart irrespective of the physical distances in between. If your girlfriend stays far beyond the limits of your city and you can’t be together for her birthday, sending romantic birthday gifts is the best way to show home much you love and miss her.

If you are not sure what to send her  as a birthday gift that makes her feel closer to you then here are some romantic birthday gift ideas for you.

Dual Zone Watch

It is one of the most thoughtful birthday gifts for the lovers who are in different countries. You can send your girlfriend a watch that shows both their time zone and yours. It would be quite convenient for her as she does not have to calculate the time difference every time she wants to call or text you. All she needs to do is have a look at the dual zone watch, and whenever she does that, it will remind her of you and bring a lovely smile on her face.

Make a Video

Record a video of yourself singing the happy birthday song for your girlfriend and telling her how much you miss her. It would be a real-time wish for your girlfriend on her birthday, and she would be thrilled on watching the video. You can surprise her by sending the video on an email, or if she doesn’t mind a little bit PDA, you can also post it on her Facebook wall right in the middle of the night. Irrespective of the geographical distance, you would be the first one to wish her a happy and exciting birthday.

Long Distance Coffee Mug

If you and your girlfriend are in two different countries, then you can send a mug containing long distance graphic on her birthday that has the map of two countries drawn on it connected through a line. It would be the symbolic gift defining your love relationship. Every morning when your girlfriend will sip her coffee from that mug, it would remind her of you and the lovely relationship that you two share irrespective of the physical boundaries.

Photo Collage

You can prepare this gift yourself to give it a personal touch and make it quite special and memorable for your girlfriend. Prepare a cute photo collage using the pictures from your previous dates or of the occasions when you met after a long time. It will make your girlfriend remember those wonderful days when you two were together and bring a lovely smile on her face. She would be thrilled at receiving such a memorable personalised birthday gift.

Boyfriend Pillow with the Arm

At night before going to sleep, we recall the memories of life, and that is the time when we miss our loved ones the most who lives far from us. It must be your girlfriend’s daily scenario who lives far from you in another city. Send her a boyfriend pillow with the arm as a birthday gift to provide a nice and comfortable sleep at night. It would make her feel as if you are always close to her and she can hold you whenever she feels like.

We hope that the birthday gifts mentioned above would help you in choosing a fantastic gift for your girlfriend’s birthday. Select an incredible gift that helps shorten the physical distance between you two and makes her feel that you choose the gift with all your heart.


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