Top 10 Valentine’s Gift Ideas for your Crush

Top 10 Valentine’s Gift Ideas for your Crush

Crushing hard on someone and not sure what to gift them? Do you also have that giddy feeling before finalising a surprise present for someone you want to be with? Every year Valentine’s Day is riddled with romantic gifts and extra cheesy first date nights. While there is a lot of excitement, the innumerable gifts present everywhere can leave you baffled! We promised to give you a cure of all your love problems with our Love Vaccine, and here we are with a handpicked list of Valentine’s gift ideas for your crush. Get ready to take a peek into the trending gifts that will impress your crush!

Ficus Compacta in King Queen Pots

To surprise your Crush on Valentine’s day, you can get your hands on a ficus compact plant placed beautifully in King and Queen pots. Go extra cheesy by letting them know that they are the king or queen that rules on your heart.

Personalised Magical Sequin Cushion

To pamper your Valentine, get a personalised magical sequin cushion that he/she can hug while you are not with them. Pick an adorable picture of them and print it on the cushion.

Hearty Message Bottle

Convey all your feelings by writing them on notes and sliding them inside a gorgeous heart message bottle. Let the notes do the talking!

Personalised Woman Caricature

To express that you are smitten by your crush, gift her a caricature and make her smile. The caricature will be a token of love from you, and she will think about you every time she sees it!

Beautiful Rose Quartz Wish Tree

To woo your crush, get an enchanting rose quartz wish tree for them. Rose Quartz is the symbol of universal and unconditional love. If things are getting pretty serious, then surprise her/him with a wish tree that will speak those three words.

Ravishing 7 Red Rose in Black Sleeve

Flowers never go out of trend, and Valentine’s Day is incomplete without them. Get an alluring bunch of roses for your crush and make her/him blush!

Fudge Brownie Cake

To coat Valentine’s day with chocolate and sweetness, get a delicious fudge brownie cake for the one who has smitten you. We bet she/he will love your scrumptious gesture!

Personalised Zig Zag Pull Out Brown Box

A personalised zig-zag pull out in an elegant brown box with a picture is the perfect gift for letting them know that you are crazy about them, and cupid’s arrow has hit you hard.

Handmade Chocolates

Chocolate is an all-time favourite gift for Valentine’s day. This Valentine’ day, give your crush a chic box that has delicious handmade chocolates and show her/him that you adore them!

P.S. I Love You Printed Mug

P.S. I Love You is a popular a phrase that will bring a smile on your crush’s face. Get this quote printed on a mug, and flirt a little with her/him!

These top 10 Valentine’s gift ideas for your crush are affordable, romantic and are appropriate for that special someone who makes you feel butterflies in your tummy and visit you in your dreams! Take our dose of gifts and celebrate Valentine’s day with your crush by sweeping them off their feet!

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