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Tips to Master the Art of Repotting Small Plants

Master the Art of Repotting Small Plants

Repotting doesn’t always imply changing the container of the plant. It’s the process of changing the potting mix so that the plant can thrive, get all the nutrients and grow happily. It may also involve the change of planter when your small plant starts growing out of the old one. To sum it up, it’s an easy process to help your potted plants to bloom and thrive. We have jotted down the tips to master the art of repotting small plants through which you can nail the process like a pro!

Notice the Signs

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Are the roots of your small indoor plants growing through the drainage hole? Is it growing slower or dries out more quickly? If yes, then it is time to try repotting it!

Get a New Planter or Potting Mix

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Check for the signs that indicate towards the planter or the potting mix. If you can see that the roots are coming out of the drainage hole, it indicates your plant needs a new container. If the roots are absolutely fine and the plant isn’t growing, it is a sign that it requires a potting mix.

Take it Easy

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Be patient, water the plant and then take it out of the old planter. Don’t panic and follow all the steps correctly.

Handle it Carefully

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While taking out the plant or removing the old potting mix from its soil, be careful and handle it gently.

Remove the Air Pockets

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Once you have added the plant to the new planter and potting mix, make sure to settle the soil and prevent any air pockets.

Don’t add too Much Soil

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We often make the mistake of adding too much soil while repotting. First, add the potting mix, place the plant in the containers and cover it with more soil. Too much soil will not let the plants breathe, and they may die.

Don’t Forget to Water

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Finally, when everything is sorted, add water as it is the last and most important tip.

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