Things that Leap Year Born Babies would relate to

things leap year born would relate to

As February 29 comes once in four years, the excitement of people born on this day is always over the top. The year 2020 is a leap year, which means leap year babies will actually get to celebrate their birthday. We’ll further share some interesting facts that all the leap year born babies would surely relate to.  

They have funny nicknames


People born on February 29 have nicknames like ‘leaplings,’ ‘leapers’ or ‘leapsters’ and they have strong feelings about their birthday. After all, it comes once every 4 years.

Jokes on repeat about their age


They keep getting cold jokes about their real age. Everyone keeps telling them that they are a child. Yes, Susan, I am 20 years old and I have only celebrated 5 birthdays so far but that does not make me 5 years old. 

People are always enthusiastic about their birth date


You tell someone that you are a leap year born and suddenly the other person wants to know everything about your life. People often say things like, ‘You’re so unique!’ ‘You’re so cool!’

Friends and acquaintances often forget their birthday


Because their birth date is not on the calendar for non-leap years. So, it’s hard for people to remember their birthday or set a reminder. 

Considered pretty special by people


‘Born on a leap year, you must definitely have some superpowers’- something that leap year babies often get to hear from people. Or something they like to think and believe.

On non-leap years, their birthday does not exist


Therefore, on non-leap years, they have to celebrate their birthday either on February 28 or March 1.

They go wild on their actual birthday


Of course, because they only get to celebrate their birthday once every four years. And the celebration has to be grand.

They form an eternally deep bond with other leaplings


Leaplings have a way of finding each other from Facebook groups or clubs. Their birth date helps develop a strong bond between them and spark new friendships.

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