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Flower Subscription

Kabir and I have been in a relationship for five years. Ours is the relationship that perfectly captures the multiple shades of love, hatred, care, understanding, and compassion. It all started during our college days and since then we are sort of inseparable. We completed our graduation together and started our first jobs at the same time. It is not just the physical proximity that binds us together. Since the start of our relationship, we both were lucky enough to have similar experiences at the same time. Destiny planned to keep us together with its miraculous sequence of actions one after the other. 

But let me tell you, our relationship is not always full of happy moments. Kabir and I have our fair share of ups and downs that often make us go crazy. We may be hopelessly in love with each other but we have differences of opinion on certain matters that often lead to arguments. And just sometimes, the argument leads to fighting. But each of these fights helps us understand each other better. And with every fight, our relationship gets stronger than ever. 

So, Kabir and I got in a silly fight a few months back, which stretched for days. Silly because Kabir, as usual, forgot something that I have been reminding him for days. Due to our busy schedule, we weren’t getting enough time to spend together despite being in the same city. So, one weekend, I planned to meet him for drinks and spend some time together. I called him a day before and asked to meet me at 7 pm at our favorite cafe. We were meeting after a long time, so I was really excited about the meet up. As I was aware of his habit of forgetting things, so I left a message around 5 pm just to make sure things go as planned. 

I left the office at 6 pm, as the cafe we decided to meet was approximately 40-50 minutes far from my workplace. Once I reached the cafe, I tried calling Kabir and his phone was switched off. I thought maybe he is on his way to the café and decided to wait. I tried calling him again after half an hour. But as usual, his cell phone was switched off and there was no sign of him in the café. I just went through my messages and realised that he never really received my text, which means his phone was switched off at that moment as well. I waited for an hour and yet his phone was switched off. All hell broke loose and I decided to leave.

I reached home really angry and decided to never forgive Kabir ever. After two hours, I received a call from Kabir and he told that he was stuck in a very important meeting with the client since the afternoon. Amidst the chaos, he forgot about our meeting and did not remember to check his phone’s battery was discharged. Of course, he apologised but I was in no mood to forgive after being stood up by him. He kept asking for forgiveness and I kept rejecting his request. This went on for days. Unless one day I received a lovely flower bouquet from Kabir along with a letter that said Sorry and that he would never repeat the mistake. The sight of lovely flowers melted my heart right away and I decided to forgive him this last time. After all, it was a thoughtful gesture that I couldn’t ignore and I thought this was it. 

Again, after two days, I received another delivery of fresh flowers that made my day. And the same thing went on for a couple of weeks. Every week, I used to receive flowers twice. I must say, I was impressed by the gesture and effort Kabir put to show that he realised his mistake and wanted to make up for it. When I asked him about the surprise flower delivery, Kabir told that he was looking for ways to coax me after our big fight and came across the online flower subscription service offered by Ferns N Petals. According to this service, one can choose the weekly flower subscription for 1 week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, and 6 weeks. According to the plan, each week, Ferns N Petals will send selected flowers twice to the address given by the customer. It is a recurring flower subscription service for which you only need to pay once and the flowers will be delivered for the number of times according to the chosen plan. 

The flower subscription service by Ferns N Petals not only helped me and Kabir get back together but also filled loads of love and happiness to our relationship. People who are in dire need of thoughtful gestures to make their loved ones feel special or apologize to an upset friend can opt for this service. It is a one-time investment that will keep yielding happy results for a long time.

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