New Year Special Flowers under ₹2000

New Year Flowers under Rs. 2000

What better way to start the new year than with fragrant & beautiful blooms? Flowers symbolize so many things, but most of all they symbolize new beginnings. They are fresh, beautiful, and inspirational just like the beginning of a new year. So, if you are wondering ways to wish the new year to your loved ones, flowers are a great choice.

Here is a list of new special New Year flowers under ₹2,000:

Reasons of Love Bouquet

Red Roses Bouquet

A beautiful bouquet made of 21 red roses, it is perfect for someone you love. Red roses are associated with love and are a beautiful way to express your heartfelt emotions towards someone.

Elegant White Asiatic Lilies

White Asiatic Lilies

This box of elegance has 7 stems of white lilies. Since a white lily says ‘It is heavenly to be with you.’ This box is perfect to greet someone and tell them how memorable they made the previous year for you.

Black & Gold Sprayed Rose Box

Black gold sprayed rose

Want to make your new year wishes unique and memorable with flowers? Here is a luxurious box of black and gold sprayed roses. The opulence of this arrangement is perfect to impress someone and make an everlasting impression.

Elegant Anthurium Basket

red roses anthuriums basket

Made of exotic red anthuriums and green hydrangea, this arrangement is flawlessly beautiful. This basket of flowers is perfect to send someone luck on new years.

Roses & Carnations Cupcake Arrangement

carnations cupcake arrangement

A fun and unique flower arrangement- peach roses, pink carnations, and white hydrangea arranged in a cupcake Shaped décor pot. This arrangement is not only budget-friendly but very aesthetic. You can gift it to someone who loves flowers and decorating them.

Purple Orchids & Ferrero Rocher Bouquet

Orchids & Ferrero Rocher

Symbolizing royalty, admiration and respect, purple orchids are magical. This bouquet is not only royal but has a hint of sweetness to it, i.e. with Ferrero rocher. Gift it to someone you respect.

Mystic- Forever Rainbow Rose

forever rose

For the ones, you’re going to love forever. Did you know that this rose lasts up to 2 years and that too without any maintenance? This exquisite forever rose is just quintessential to send new year wishes to someone.

These are someone graceful flowers for the new year, and we have more such options for you. You should definitely explore all these options on our website.

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