Know More About Crystals for Zodiac Signs

Know more about Crystals for Zodiac Signs

The world is a magical place, and astrology is the gateway to the cosmic world. We are all made up of stardust, and the zodiac sign that we belong to defines how we perceive things as well as our behavioural patterns. If you believe in the concepts of zodiacs, and chakras, then the latest trend of buying a crystal according to your zodiac must be on your curious mind. As they say, believe in the universe, and you can manifest all that you want to! From fire signs to water signs, each zodiac sign has distinctive characteristics, and each needs a special crystal that will up their manifesting game. Know more about crystals for zodiac signs through our mystical guide, and get a crystal wish tree or a small crystal RN!

Aries: I Am

For the newborn baby of the zodiac signs, the perfect crystal is Carnelian. Aries are the feisty and fierce sign of the zodiac, and for keeping them grounded, Carnelian is the best crystal. Get a Carnelian wish tree for yourself or gift your Aries pal one!

Taurus: I Have

Crazy about the classy things in life and food, Taurus is ruled by Venus. Taurus are pretty open to love. To keep their heart safe, they need a Rose Quartz crystal. This crystal opens the heart chakra and attracts the right kind of love in their lives. Get a wish tree of Rose Quartz crystal, and wish for a bae Taurians!

Gemini: I Think


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Intelligence is the prime characteristic of a Gemini, and they are obsessed with increasing their knowledge. A Citrine crystal is used for enhancing knowledge and improving memory. To make your Gemini friend all happy, get a Citrine crystal for them and show off your knowledge about the crystal that is the perfect fit for Geminis!

Cancer: I Feel


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Cancers feel everything in a dramatic way, and on the sad days, they become quite intense. To calm your inner dramatic persona, you need a Moonstone crystal as it is known for stabilizing the chakras!

Leo: I Will

Tiger's eye

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Leo is the sign which is an achiever of all things. To bring positivity and creativity in your life, you must get a Tiger’s eye crystal for yourself. The Tiger’s eye crystal is made for you, and it will help you in increasing your confidence.

Virgo: I Analyse

Red Jasper

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Virgo is the most practical sign, and they analyse all their actions as well as others. Red Jasper is a crystal that brings clarity, and so, is an excellent crystal for all Virgos. The next time, you are in the middle of a decision, keep a red jasper near yourself and get crystal clear clarity!

Libra: I Balance

Great at balancing everything and managing things fantastically, Libra never loses it, and they always keep calm! Lapis Lazuli crystal is their twin as it creates balance. Get a wish tree of Lapis Lazuli crystal and balance your energies which go a little in the wrong direction often!

Scorpio: I Desire


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Scorpios desire all the finer things in life. Scorpions have hidden negative thoughts that they can clear by the Obsidian crystal. Obsidian crystal is known for clearing up all negative thoughts and emotions, and so is the right fit for Scorpions!

Sagittarius: I Discover


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Sagittarians are famous as the spirited archer, and they bring luck wherever they go. Turquoise crystal is used since ages as it attracts positivity and brings luck. Sagittarians must have a Turquoise crystal to retain the title of being lucky!

Capricorn: I Realise


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Capricorns are the goats, and they aim at gaining prosperity and success. Jade is the one crystal that is a symbol of prosperity, and success. For the determined goats, Jade is what they need the most in life!

Aquarius: I Know


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Aquarians are the fun-loving and free-spirited zodiac signs. Getting misunderstood is something they always feel. An Aquamarine crystal is made for Aquarians as it keeps them grounded to their compassionate and empathetic side. To avoid misunderstandings, all you need is compassion and so, dear Aquarians, get an Aquamarine crystal asap!

Pisces: I Believe

Pisces are lazy and sensitive ones. To protect them from negative vibes, and to keep their innocent side alive, get an Amethyst crystal for them. Amethyst will bring the necessary wisdom and protect them from negativity!

To up your Mojo, all you need is a stunning wish tree made out of a crystal that calms your zodiac sign. To know more about crystals for zodiac signs, our mini-guide is all you need RN!

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