Interesting Home Décor Ideas For Onam

Interesting Home Decor for Onam

Onam is an annual Harvest festival of Kerala that commemorates King Mahabali, whose spirit is known to visit Kerala at the time of Onam. It is celebrated in the month of August-September, which, according to the Malayalam calendar is the first month of the year called Chingam. The festivities last for ten days that Keralites all over the world celebrate with great pomp and show. This year, the Onam celebrations began on 1st September 2019 and will continue till 13th September. During the festival, people wear new dresses, visit temples, relish lip-smacking cuisines, and participate in cultural programs like folk songs, classical dances, boat race, and elephant processions. 

A few days before Onam, people start cleaning and decorating houses to welcome the spirit of King Mahabali, who is known to visit every Malayali household to inquire about their well-being. In case, you are looking for unique and creative home décor ideas for the occasion of Onam, we are here to help. Read further to know some colourful and vibrant home décor ideas to decorate your abode during Onam in a traditional way. 

Draw Pookalam at the Entrance

Pookalam at Entrance

Pookalam is the rangoli design or pattern that people like to decorate at home entrances and temple premises during Onam. It is entirely made from fresh flowers to create a vibrant aura that gives a warm welcome to guests and King Mahabali. You can look for beautiful rangoli designs online and experiment with flowers of different colours and sizes while drawing them. It will give a gorgeous makeover to the entrance of your house.

Adorn the Doors with Flower Garlands 

Onam Door decor

You can choose beautiful flower garlands made from marigold or jasmine to adorn the bare walls and doors of the house. Make torans from fresh mango leaves that can be hanged at the main door of your home, which is considered to bring good luck and keep the negative energy away. You can also wrap flower garlands around the pillars in the porch to give a traditional touch to home decoration during Onam.

Decorate Walls with Kathakali Face Art

Kathakali Art

Kathakali is a popular traditional dance form of Kerala that has a huge impact on its culture and people. The traditional Kathakali face art will add a unique flair to your home decor and highlight the dull walls of your house. The bright, ethnic, and flamboyant wall accents will enhance the festive spirit in the house and reflect your aesthetic taste. 

Lit Up Your Home with Diyas & Lamps

Onam Light Decor

The touch of light is the best way to lit up Onam decorations at home. Light diyas, oil lamps, and scented candles in the evening to brighten up your house and spread the light of love and festivities everywhere. You can also buy contemporary lamps, stunning chandeliers, and striking pendant lights to jazz up the home decor during Onam that speaks of your style and taste in a unique way. The lights will surely bring in the cheer and elevate the festive theme.

Give Your Bedroom a Feel of Onam

Bedroom Decor for Onam

We often tend to neglect bedrooms during festive decorations. This Onam, add the festival feels to your bedroom in a traditional way. Keep bowls of sweet-smelling jasmine flowers in the bedroom. Use great smelling incense sticks to create calm and peaceful vibes. You can opt for fresh-looking floral prints or the traditional textile design of Kerala while choosing cushions, curtains, bedsheets, and rugs for the bedroom. 

Implement these simple and easy decoration ideas to celebrate Onam with great zeal and energy.


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