How to use Flowers in Home Decor?


Home is heaven. Decorating your heaven with flowers is the best way to add colours to your surroundings. The flowers give off a sweet fragrance and add vibrancy to the atmosphere. Blooms are the great home décor items that give interiors a beautiful finish wherever they are placed.

Here are a few ways to use flowers in home décor to make it warm and look more presentable.

Put fresh flower stalks in old bottles


Pick the old bottles of wine. Wash the bottles with warm, soapy water to remove the presence of bacteria. Place single stalks of roses, chrysanthemums or carnations in the bottles and line them along a feature wall to add a pop of colours.

Decorate flowers in quirky containers


Instead of flower vases, you can use old watering pots, huge tea cups or candle holders for small flowers. You can match the colour of the container with the colour of the blooms to give a personality to your space.

Add rustic look with a flower basket

flower basket

An adorable rustic basket accentuated with small flowers and green fillers will create a cozy atmosphere in your home. It would make a great centerpiece for the coffee table or you can hang it on your door or porch. 

Dried or Pressed Flowers


The dried or pressed flowers are still pretty that can come in handy for home décor. You can just put them together and that would make a beautiful sight for anyone to admire. You can either leave them in a vase that will instantly transform the look of an age-old table or turn them into potpourri by adding fresh herbs and organic oil. The latter one will not only be a great décor item but also make your home smell lovely. Similarly, you can make a wreath out of old, dried flowers and hang them on doors or windows.

Put flowers in Kitchen & Bathroom


Flowers are the best elements that can dress up any room. Adding these natural beauties into your kitchen or bathroom will make the space a bit more modern. The vibrant flowers will add a pop of colour along with the fragrance and make these areas look more welcoming.

A floral wall


A great idea to accentuate a dull, vacant wall is to use flowers. You’ll need artificial flowers for this one. Stick the flowers on the wall in a vertical pattern using hot glue. The gorgeous wall of blooms will make a striking natural backdrop for Insta-worthy clicks. 

Pretty Floating Blooms


Floating flowers are a great option to create something unique for your dining table or center table. You will need a glass bowl, pebbles, and some fresh flowers. Take a glass bowl or vessel and put some pebbles, candles, and flowers in it. It will create a gorgeous floating floral centerpiece. 

Pop of blooms in the birdcage

flower cage

Get a birdcage from the market. Place a floral bouquet on top of the cage. Or you can place some fresh flowers with fillers in a vase and keep it inside the cage. The arrangement of flowers will add an instant pop of colour and create a visually appealing sight.

If you have some amazing ideas to decorate home with flowers, do let us know in the comment section below.

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