How to take Care of Indoor Plants in Winter?

How to Take Care of Indoor Plants in Winter?

Winters are coming, or we can say that they are already here! We all fear the winter and not because of white walkers but of the cold weather. Not only us, but our darling potted plants are scared of the winters. As a plant parent, you must be baffled about the proper care routine of your indoor plants. To make your confusion disappear, we have an elaborate guide on how to take care of indoor plants in winter. Get ready to witness your potted babies bloom and flourish while you take care of them right away amidst the bone-chilling winters!

Say Yes to Sunlight

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Sunlight is what we crave for in the winters, and so do our indoor plants. In winters, you must keep your indoor plants at a place where they get a moderate amount of sunlight. Dust the windows and keep the plants near it. Clean the leaves of the plants so that they can absorb maximum sunlight!

Go Easy on the Water

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In winters, indoor plants need a little water that can just keep the soil wet. Indoor plants cant survive in a lot of water. Always check the soil, and see if it’s dry enough to be watered again.

Track the Temperature

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Indoor plants are normally the tropical ones, and the right room temperature for them is 12 to 23 degrees. If you are using a heater in winters, try to keep your plants far away from them. Read all about the species of your plant and then change the settings accordingly.

Try your Hands at Pruning

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Always cut the dead leaf and other plants of your plant. In the winters, the plants may start drying up and you should remove the dead parts as soon as you see them.

Save them from Pests

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In the winters as the plants receive less sunlight, pests may grow on them. The use of heaters and humidifiers in our homes also leads up to the same. Take care of your plants and keep checking for pests and treat them as soon as you spot anything.

Follow all these remarkable tips mentioned in our informative guide about how to take care of indoor plants in winter. We bet your plants will only flourish and grow throughout the winter season. Take care of your adorable plotted friends as they deserve it!

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