How to Plan the Best 21st Birthday?

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The 21st birthday is a milestone birthday for the simple reason; you have attained adulthood. The question that arises is, will you be a responsible adult or a reckless one? Only time can tell! In the meantime, let’s get on with the planning part of this landmark birthday. A celebration as significant as this should be as entertaining and exciting as the birthday boy/girl. Mentioned below are some great ideas on how to plan the best 21st birthday without a hiccup. 

Glittery Birthday Balloons

Glittery Birthday Surprise

The popular opinion that only kids’ birthday parties have balloons has lately become obsolete. You will find elegant balloon decorations set up at adult parties. So why should you be left out? Get this set of glittery birthday balloons that can instantly liven any room. With a sophisticated colour combination, this set makes for a great photo booth. 

Themed Cake 

Themed cake

Have you ever celebrated a birthday without a cake? Probably not! This year, mark this grand occasion with an equally magnificent cake. Instead of settling for an ordinary run of the mill cake, order a cake that represents you. Explore through the various ingenious themed cakes for the one that truly expresses your personality. 

Birthday Drinking Game 

Birthday Drinking Game

We all played party games like musical chairs when we were little, but as time passed, we grew out of them. However, there is a type of game that is more suited to young adults- a drinking game. Spin the Shot is one such irresistible game, in which you place a small glass of alcohol on the device and spin it. To whomsoever, the device’s arrow points at will have to drink up the entire glass.

Guitarist on Call 

Guitarist On Call

Now you may not be able to get Beyoncé or Diljit Dosanjh to sing at your party; you can, however, book a well-trained singer. Celebrate this birthday in panache by booking a guitarist to sing for you and your guests. Talk about making your friends green-eyed! 

Personalized Coasters 

Personalised Coasters

Do you feel parties should be simple and fuss-free? You need to buy personalised coasters. They are anything but cliché! These quirky coasters will add a little zing to your modest party and make for a great conversation starter. All you need to do is get your choice of name added to the coasters. 

Fire Extinguisher Decanter 

Fire Extinguisher Decanter

Ring in your 21st with a bang with this crazy fire extinguisher decanter. It is not only a great prop but also a handy alcoholic jar. All you need to do is fill this 1.5-litre decanter with your choice of drink and pump it into regular or shot glasses. This product will hands down mark your day as a memorable evening. 

Plan the best 21st birthday with aforesaid quirky and amusing products for a successful and unforgettable bash. 

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