How to Make Photo Frames using Recycled Flowers?

How to make Photo Frames using Recycled Flowers?

It’s blissful to enjoy the freshness of flowers when you receive them as a gift. But, finding creative ways to preserve the beauty of flowers for long is also important. That’s when you can make photo frames using recycled flowers. 

Pressed Flower Photo Frames

Flower recycled photo frames are a perfect idea to bring nature home. You can preserve the delicate blooms by pressing and drying them up to make a beautiful photo frame. It is a unique way to portrait flowers received at an important event. Read further to know more about framing recycled flowers.

How to Press Flowers for a Perfect Look?

How to Press Flowers for a Perfect Look?

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Before framing the recycled flowers, it is important to press them in a certain manner for a perfect look. Here are the steps to press flowers easily.

  1. Remove flower heads from the stem carefully without damaging either of them. 
  2. Open the first third part of a thick book and lay a printer sheet on one side.
  3. Place flowers on the printer sheet evenly with adequate space between them.
  4. For flowers with thick centre heads such as marigold, pull out the petals and press them in the same manner. 
  5. Place another sheet of paper on the flowers before closing the book. The flowers will be sandwiched between the sheets and book pages.
  6. Press by placing other thick books on the top of the pressed flower book.
  7. It will take two to three week to dry up the flowers and petals completely. However, the timeline may vary based on the type of flower.
  8. Carefully open the book after two to three weeks and remove the dried and pressed blooms. 

How to Frame Pressed Flowers?

How to Frame Pressed Flowers?

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Framing pressed flowers is not that difficult. The most important thing about this process is to handle flowers with care to come up with a classic photo frame. 

Material Required: Pressed flowers, ruler, picture frame, decorative sheets, scissors, craft glue, toothpicks and tweezers.

Here are the steps to framing pressed flowers.

  1. Remove the glass from the picture frame and measure the back of the frame using a ruler.
  2. Cut a decorative sheet according to the dimensions of the frame. 
  3. Now, cut a white sheet which will be one inch shorter on all sides than the decorative sheet (frame size). Flowers should be placed on the white sheet.
  4. Use tweezers to arrange the flowers in unique designs and avoid touching the petals with hands.
  5. Place small bits of glue using a toothpick on the delicate petals.
  6. Glue the pressed flowers on the white paper in an artistic manner to make them stand out. 
  7. Leave the glue to dry overnight.
  8. Now, fix the white pressed flower sheet onto the decorative sheet and assemble the frame in its original shape with floral design in the centre. 

Your recycled flowers photo frames are ready to grace the walls.  Create endless designs with different types of flowers and unique patterns. You can also gift these fancy frames to anyone. So, next time you receive a gorgeous bunch of flowers, don’t forget to utilize the dried beauty by making a photo frame using recycled flowers. 

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