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How to Do Laughter Therapy at Home

How to Do Laughter Therapy at Home?

As far as the adage goes, Laughter is the best medicine! It’s time for laughing out loud as it’s World Laughter Day! No matter the situation, laughter can help everyone in sad and gloomy times. The world is going through a pandemic and, what can be a better time to try laughter therapy? It can relieve you from stress and depression. But, how can you do laughter therapy at home? Don’t you worry! We sat with our experts and created a list of things that you can practise at home for embracing the happy way of living!

Laughter Yoga

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Yes, you heard it right. Laughter yoga does exist. You can try Greeting laughter, Lion laughter, Humming laughter and more. Practise laughter yoga postures, and you will feel instant happiness flowing around your veins.

Funny Social Challenges

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There are a lot of funny challenges that keep on doing social rounds. Record yourself doing funny social challenges, and you can post them online for fun. You can even do it with your partners in crime and have a hearty laugh at the results.

Watch Funny Videos

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Stand-up comedy videos are available everywhere. And, admit it that they are pretty hilarious. You just need to find out the comedian that makes you laugh hard. Sit with your family and watch it together for spreading glee in your home.

Recall Cheerful Memories with Kids

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Daily sit with your kids for an hour and recall their childhood. You will find many euphoric memories that will bring an instant smile to your face. Get on a video call with your near and dear ones and talk about the pleasant memories and blunders you made together. We are sure that you will laugh out loud!

Bring Home Plants

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Green Plants embrace the whole atmosphere with happiness and positivity. They relieve stress and anxiety. Snake Plants, Orchid Plants and Peace Lily plants are known for calming down the soul and spreading joy. When you are happy from the inside, you can enjoy and laugh at the stupid yet funny moments you come across.

Watch Comedy Movies

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Comedy movies are known for causing uncontrollable laughter. All you need to do is Netflix & Chill. Put on a comedy movie and get ready to laugh at home like never before!

When we laugh, our immune system is strengthened. The brain kicks into high gear, and the body gets an endorphin boost. Laughter is contagious, and when you laugh, you will make others happy too!

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