How to Deal with Stress

How to Deal with Stress

April is officially known as Stress Awareness Month. This day is observed worldwide and was founded in order to spread awareness about stress. Whether you are a working professional, someone who is at home all the time or a student, stress is a constant issue in everyone’s lives. Often, we are left clueless about the ‘how’ to deal with stress part. According to us, the whole solution lies in the word ‘Stress’ in itself. Did we confuse you? Scroll down and find out our magical mantra for bidding goodbye to stress!

S- Surround yourself with plants & colorful flowers

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Admit it! Being surrounded by green plants or brightly coloured flowers instantly calms you down. If you haven’t noticed it till now, then bring home indoor plants and deck up your room with fresh carnations or lilies, and you will feel the tranquillity after a tiring day at work.

T- Take a break

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It is a human tendency to work hard and forget about taking breaks. Start with taking breaks from all that is stressing you out. Plan trips, pamper yourself by getting a bunch of flowers or chocolates or go to that cafe you added to your list. You will definitely feel happier.

R- Relieve & feel free

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Just pause for a few seconds, take a deep breath and relieve all the things that are currently bothering you. It is extremely important to pause and let go of all the negatives.

E- Eat well & Excercise

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Your diet makes you a healthier and calmer person. Get up early, go for a walk, prepare your food with hand-picked vegetables from the market and take care of your health. You must go out for a 30 mins brisk walk as it will release the stress hormones and instantly lighten up your mood.

S- Spend time with family

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Our family always sticks with us. To ease out and forget about your stressful day, spend time with them, share your problems and you will actually feel better. Talking to your family will reduce your stress and all the pressure you feel.

S- Smile & Snuggle

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It is scientific fact that laughing and snuggling release happy hormones. So, snuggle with your partner, teddy bear or pillow and sleep like nothing can stress you out. You can also try practising laughter yoga as it has loads of benefits.

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