How To Create Everlasting Memories With Music?

Ever Lasting Love

“Music is the medicine of the mind”

– John Logan

Music is a string of our lives that keeps our soul connected to the world of dream and imagination. Whether we are happy, in despair, heartbroken or overwhelmed, there is music for every situation that helps us better understand and process our innermost thoughts.

Music is not just the compilation of rhythm and lyrics. It can be anything pleasant that eases our senses like the chirping of birds, the flowing streams, the laughter of a child or the calming sound of the waves.

Being someone who appreciates art, my love for music began very early in my life. I still remember how I used to listen to Veer-Zaara songs back to back while working on my school projects during summer vacations. My romantic rendezvous with mellow music actually started when I first received a mixed tape as a birthday gift from someone very close to my heart. Every song on that tape was like a celebration that my soul danced to. The emotions reflected by those songs have stuck with me till date. Even today, I feel a strong connection with them.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that my journey with music helped me gain a better perspective of feelings and relationships. The songs I enjoyed with my bestie became the most cherished part of our friendship that describes it the best. And how can I forget the romantic couple song that played in the background of my mind when my crush talked to me for the first time. Even now when I listen to that song, it gives me the taste of love and happiness of the past. There were some emotional songs that never made any sense to me until I had a breakup. Later, they became therapy for my soul. I felt such a strong relationship with those songs as if they were only made for me.

The good music takes you to the journey of self-discovery. It has the power to move you in fascinating ways and makes you feel euphoric. We all have a song that we feel purely describes who we are and what we have been through. The song that inspires happiness in our lives, heals our souls and rekindles the long-lost memories of the past.

Music is both learning and a gift that you can ever give anyone. Last year, I was looking for something similar to gift my parents on their 25th wedding anniversary. While I was searching for a thoughtful gift online, I came across Ferns N Petals musical gifting experience where they offer flowers with the guitarist for special occasions. Once you avail this service, a guitarist reaches to the doorstep of your loved ones along with the ravishing flowers and help extend your wishes by playing a melodious song.

I quickly went up to their website and booked the service online. I remember how much my parents loved the song “Chura liya hai tumne jo dil ko” so I placed the request for the same song. As I was away from home, I asked my sister to record those fleeting moments of love and joy that can be cherished forever. Later, when I saw the video, my heart was drenched in the pool of joy and gratification to see my parents all smiling. It is a treasure of memories that always manages to bring a smile on my face.

This amazing musical surprise left my parents awestruck and it made me even happier when they said that this magical feeling will stay with them forever.

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