How are relationships evolving in Lockdown?

How are relationships evolving in Lockdown

The pandemic has introduced a lot of changes in our lives. Some have adapted to these changes while others are still struggling to get used to them. Everybody is spending time at home and this has made a difference to a lot of relationships. People are understanding the value of loved ones and being grateful for family time. They are cooking together, eating together, and enjoying the much needed time together. The sharing of time, space, and responsibilities are bringing families together and making them stronger.

Here is a list of factors that shows how relationships are evolving during the lockdown.

Spending Quality Time 

People are getting to spend quality time with family members. Both parents & kids are getting a chance to get involved in each other’s lives and explore more about their likes and dislikes. They are sharing hobbies, which is bringing them together & strengthening their bond.

Reconnecting with loved ones

Time is a big constraint that keeps people from staying connected with their loved ones. Due to the lockdown, everyone has enough time on hands that they are utilizing for reconnecting with loved ones and regularly confirming if they are doing fine.

Relationships are becoming more meaningful

Call it the fear of deadly virus or realisation, people are getting closer, and relationships are becoming more meaningful during the lockdown. The bond between spouses is growing stronger during this period (Leaving the occasional fights aside). Married couples are spending a lot of time together and reconnecting in different ways.

Friendships are getting stronger

Our busy schedule keeps us from catching up with friends regularly. The situation of lockdown has helped us understand the importance of friends in life. Through video calls and online celebrations, digital gifts, people are staying connected with friends and making the most of free time.

Long-distance relationships are blooming 

Not many people supported or preferred the concept of long-distance relationships. But the challenging times of COVID-19 has made it quite a common relationship concept among lovebirds. Some have become a pro at it while others are still getting the hang of it. 

Online dating is the new cool

With restricted movement in the outside world, a large number of people are getting familiar with online dating. And it seems to be working out for them pretty well.

The COVID-19 has come with social distancing norms, but it is reducing the distance between the hearts of people.

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