Here’s a Phenomenal Plant Care Guide for Autumn

Plant Care Guide for Autumn

Hello September! The autumn season washes away all the leaves and fears. It gives cool vibes and mesmerising views. While we enjoy the autumn season, our plants are not that fond of it. This season leads to the shedding of the leaves and slow growth. Don’t let your greens suffer, and check out our Plant Care Guide for Autumn right away!

Go Easy with Watering

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In the autumn season, plants don’t like to have a lot of water. Only water your houseplants when the top inch of the soil feels dry.

Less Fertiliser Please

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As soon as the season begins, feed your plants and avoid doing till the time winter season arrives.

Pruning is the Key

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Prune your houseplants and remove all the dead leaves. This will enhance the growth. Don’t prune your plants during the autumn season.

Adjust the Temperature

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Keep your houseplants away from windows in the evening, and try keeping them under indirect light during the day. Close the windows and save them from cold drafts!
Say no to Repotting

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Don’t repot your houseplants in the autumn season as it may cause damage.

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