Did You Know Anthuriums Are The Most Popular Tropical Flowers?

Anthurium Flowers

Yes, anthuriums are the most popular tropical flowers that are native to America, Northern Mexico, and Northern Argentina, and parts of the Caribbean. It is popular in the floral world for its unique shape and bright colour. The heart-shaped flower comes in vivacious colours. These flowers have modified bracts, called spathes. The actual flower of the anthurium plant is tiny blooms that line the fleshy inner spike called a spadix.

There are many more interesting facts about anthuriums and this blog is all about that.

Meaning of Name & Types

The term Anthurium is taken from two Greek words – oura and anthos. Oura means tail and anthos mean flower. Probably the spike of this leads to such a name. The other names given to this flower are- bull’s head, tail flower, laceleaf, flamingo flowers, etc.

Majorly, there are two types of anthurium flowers. One is Tulip Anthurium Flowers whose shape resembles tulips. They are the smallest variety of anthuriums and produce flowers of 2 to 6 inches in size. The other type is the standard anthurium flowers that are the oldest ones and come in heart shapes. Most of them come in solid colours like orange, red, pink, or green. The flowers range from 3 to 8 inches.

How To Grow Anthuriums?

There are four methods to grow anthuriums and they are- vegetative reproduction, tissue culture, seeds, and fertilisation.

  • It will require sandy loam or heavy clay soil to grow well.
  • The soil also must be highly organic so that water can be retained for a longer time along with a good drainage system.
  • You should plant anthuriums on raised beds of 1.3 to 2 meters wide and 20 cms depth.
  • Place a stick after planting for providing support to this plant.
  • You also have to water it immediately after planting.
  • You can also use a layer of coconut husks, semi-rotted wood, or sugar cane bagasse and that will improve the fertility of the soil leading to better health of the soil.
  • Also, remember that mulching is very important for anthuriums plants.

How To Care for Anthurium Plants?

Any plant requires minimal care to prosper well. Here is how you can take care of your anthurium flowering plants.

  • The first and foremost thing to remember is that you have to water your anthurium thoroughly. But you also must allow the plant to dry out before watering again. In case you don’t follow that, the roots will rot. In cases of overwatering, the leaves will turn yellow.
  • This is a tropical plant and thus loves sunlight. But again remember that it requires high light for a longer period of time and not direct sunlight.
  • You need to fertilize this plant once every month.
  • During the winter season, this plant will require 6 weeks of rest period at 15 degree Celsius and with a very little amount of water.

What Do Anthuriums Symbolise?

This tropical flower plant symbolises happiness, love, abundance, and hospitality. The red anthurium flowers symbolise love and passion while the pink ones denote motherly love, compassion, and feminity. The beautiful white anthuriums depict innocence and purity.

Best Occasions To Gift Anthurium:

Anniversary: The red anthuriums symbolise love and passion as said earlier. Thus, for your upcoming anniversary, you can opt for a beautiful basket arrangement of red anthuriums.

Valentine’s Day: The beautiful heart shape of this flower makes it one of the most favourite Valentine’s Day flower. Although it is a bit unusual as Valentine’s Day generally refers to red roses. But if you want to be different than the rest, then, opt for this amazing flower.

Mother’s Day: The pink coloured anthuriums refers to motherly love and thus on Mother’s Day, you can pick up an arrangement of pink anthuriums to surprise your lovely mom.

Wedding: This tropical ornamental flower is hugely used for decoration purposes. As a wedding day décor, this flower would thus be a nice choice. Additionally, it symbolises abundance and happiness and thus the couple will be blessed in the presence of these flowers.

Some More Fun Facts About Anthurium Flowers:

  • The Anthurium plant has more than 1000 species.
  • Anthuriums are perennial by nature which means they bloom all through the year.
  • Well, it may look like a waxy flower but these colourful heart-shaped things that you call a flower is actually not a flower. So what is it? It is called a spathe or shield-like leaf. The main function of this spathe is to cover the spadix that contains tiny flowers while blooming.



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