Importance & Type of Air Purifying Plants

We are unknowingly exposed to toxins and harmful pollutants even when we are indoors. This is one aspect that should certainly be looked into in order to boost overall health and well-being. Indoor plants make for excellent purifiers in this scenario. There are quite a few plants, which can be used indoors at home or at work for freeing the air from toxins and ensuring a better indoor environment. These plants are safe around children and pets and work magic when it comes to ensuring cleaner and healthier air quality inside. Air purifying plants make for value additions to any home and are also some of the most thoughtful gifts in today’s times. We are exposed to increasing outdoor pollution. It would be better to know about plants that can contribute towards a better indoor environment.

Take a look at some of  the best options for Air Purifying Indoor Plants:

Areca Palm– Areca Palm is a popular air purifying plant and has several properties. The Areca Palm has a fast removal rate when it comes to formaldehyde and this makes it as effective as a humidifier. In countries like India where humidity levels are really high and make things uncomfortable, Areca Palm plants are natural magicians, cleansing the air of toxins and other particles while also lowering humidity levels inside.

Areca Palm Plant


Bamboo Palm– Bamboo Palm plants naturally keep the air clean inside any room. They also remove formaldehyde and other particles. You should give these plants some room to grow and watch them work their magic when it comes to improving air quality inside your home or even at the workplace.

Bamboo Palm Plant


Aloe Vera- One of the most iconic and popular healing plants, Aloe Vera, is a must-have for every home. These plants are natural air purifiers and contribute towards the removal of formaldehyde as well. Aloe Vera plants also work as natural cures for the treatment of sunburns and minor cuts. The best placement of these plants is beside windows in the company of natural sunlight.

Aloe Vera Plant


Boston Fern– These plants look really attractive. They also contribute towards ensuring better circulation of air inside the room along with cleansing the air of toxins. They also work against formaldehyde and are really efficient in terms of air purification. These plants are also popular picks amongst enthusiasts.

Boston Fern Plant


Money Plants– These indoor plants provide a perfect good luck charm. They are also effective in purifying the internal air. They symbolize prosperity and abundance. Money Plants do not take much time to gracefully spread themselves around the room, window or balcony. These plants make for really touching gift options as well. These natural purifiers are definitely worth buying for your home.

Money Plant


Syngonium plants– This indoor plant which is a sheer beauty, works as a natural air purifier. It can be an excellent addition to any home without a doubt.

Syngonium Plant


One should also remember that apart from working as natural air purifiers, these indoor plants also work wonderfully when it comes to relieving stress. Most of us remain highly stressed out with professional and social demands on our time. And these plants have a subtle yet visible effect in lowering stress levels. Simply looking at these beauties can be a sight for sore eyes. One can choose from these air purifying plants for ensuring better air quality indoors. These plants are gifts from God and contribute towards keeping us safer, healthier and happier!


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